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‘The unconscious mind’ – Part 1

Yuriy opened his eyes. He was in a cold concrete cell. He felt terribly achy and didn’t remember how he got there. He was confused. Barely recognizeable pictures twinkled in his mind. He had no idea who he was. Then, he discovered the reason for his pain – he had dozens of cuts all over his body. His sheet was soaked with blood. His hands were in blood, too. Yet, he couldn’t tell whether it was his or not…


I got in a time machine

It was a beautiful, sunny Saturday morning. The sound of my mobile phone’s ringtone woke me up. My crazy friend was ringing to tell me that she had something really important to show me. I lazily put my clothes on, ate breakfast and went to Anna’s house.

I was standing in front of the door, preparing myself for anything I could see behind it. I was waiting and waiting but nobody appeared. It was then that I noticed strange silent clanks coming from an old abandoned barn behind the building. I proceeded in that direction to find my friend working on some metal apparatus in there. She beamed at me and explained:

‘What you have an honour to witness is the birth of my brand new invention – the time machine. I’ve been working on it for months…’

‘Wait,’ I interrupted her. ‘Do I have problems with my hearing or you’ve just said ‘time machine”?!’

‘Exactly,’ she answered. ‘Believe me or not- it is a real time machine.’

‘Are you insane?! I shouldn’t have lent you all those fantasy books.’

‘Ok, I understand that you don’t believe me – nobody does. But I can assure you that it does work and you’ll be able to go with me to the future just today. What do you reckon?’

‘If you say so…’

We were sitting in that odd vehicle. Anna pressed the lever and then suddenly everything around changed into an unrecognizable mix of colours. I was so shocked that I couldn’t speak. Finally the machine halted. We were standing on a huge platform which was towering above a totally modernized, huge city. I gazed around and murmured:

‘Wow.’ as it was the only thing that would come to my mind that moment.

‘Do you believe me now?’ asked my friend triumphantly.

‘I do.’ I answered, still a bit stunned. ‘So, what do we do now?’

‘What about a short stroll? Just to get to know where we are. Then, we’ll come back. I’m not sure if it is secure to stay for too long.’

I gazed at her. ‘You’re scarying me.’

‘Well, come on let’s see what they have in here.’

We were wandering for what felt like an hour or two, admiring the enormous screens which were showing the commercials, great silver skyscrapers and people wearing extraordinary outfits. Despite the fact that everybody looked at us as if we were freaks, it was totally awesome. I couldn’t wait to see the faces of my friends after I show them the pictures. When we began feeling exhausted, we decided it was time to go. We whispered a silent ‘Goodbye’ and got into the time machine. Anna switched it on. We heard a short crack and started falling…

I opened my eyes and looked around suspiciously. ‘Was it just a dream?’ I thought, but all I could see was darkness – deep, impenetrable darkness. Then, I noticed my friend lying on something, that felt like a floor next to me.

‘Where are we?’ I asked.

‘I don’t have the slightest idea.’ was the answer.

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