‘The unconscious mind’ – Part 3

Yuriy had an impression that he lost consciousness for a while. He didn’t know how long he was falling. He couldn’t see anything but he felt soft ground under his hands. Something strange was moving on his face. He reached to take it off and with a relief he recognized a small maggot. Yuriy forced himself to stand up. However, as soon as he did this his eyes met a view that made him fall unconscious once again.


About Magdalena

I'm a positive thinker, a dreamer, a poet, a dancer, a writer. I want to empower people and inspire them to follow their dreams and create their lives exactly the way they wish them to be :)

Posted on July 15, 2009, in 'The unconscious mind', Stories and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Gripping… you’re the next J.K. Rowling! Can’t wait to read on;)

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