Monthly Archives: December 2009

‘Uninhabited island’

On that day I woke up early. The sun was just rising. I could feel its warm beams on my face. I stretched and got up. ‘This will be a great day’, I thought.

I looked around. The view was superb: a clear turquoise sea, tropical trees in full blossom, golden sands of the beach. A true paradise on Earth! I went to the forest, struggling to find something to eat or drink. I took a few careful steps and listened. I heard rustling, hissing and innumerable different strange noises all around me. They created an intangible anxiety in me. Suddenly, I felt something touch my back. I panicked and bolted. I was sprinting straight ahead til I fell onto the ground completely exhausted. The next thing I knew I was lying on a blanket beside a fireplace. I forced myself to lift. It was already dark. To my surprise, I found a plate full of fruits and a glass of water. However, there was not a living soul around or so it seemed. I gobbled the food and fell asleep looking at the stars and wondering who was there except for me.