‘A tale about the knight’

This is a tale about the knight

Who was brave and loved his bride.

She was beautiful and devoted her heart

To this unlucky fellow who loved more to fight.

So one day or maybe night

The moon told him he had the right

Only to choose one way – to war or to bride.

That’s so hard, too hard so it might

Be for him and he lost his light.

The darkness fell, he tried to find

The best solution for his problem, but there was no wrong nor right

So he thought and thought, even looked through a guide

To life he accidently found.

When he finally decided he realised

It was too late for it as he died.


About Magdalena

I'm a positive thinker, a dreamer, a poet, a dancer, a writer. I want to empower people and inspire them to follow their dreams and create their lives exactly the way they wish them to be :)

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