Monthly Archives: March 2010

‘My Vampire’

(inspired by Stephanie Meyer’s “Twilight”)

Your teeth bite into my skin.

I hear the voice deep within:

Just let it go.

Terrible pain turns into joy,

We only know why we enjoy

This moment of fear and darkness.

‘It’s madness’, we hear.

‘He’ll kill her, oh dear!’,

‘Why doesn’t she run?!’

But I know he’ll stop,

His love is stronger than that.

I feel I’m losing my blood…

And he’s still drinking it,

Whispering, ‘It’s sweet.’

Then I feel that he stops.

‘My love, darling.’, he cries.

‘Please, say something. What have I done?!’

His cold fingers touch my cheeks,

I could be lying there for weeks

But here comes the thought, ‘Say something.’

I open my mouth or it’s just an illusion,

My body and senses are imprisoned by the fusion

Of stimuli his closeness creates.

I’m caught, senseless, oh Lord,

Diving into the ocean, dark and cold

But I’m so delirious,

Can’t explain why

But I couldĀ  die now, I could die.

My vampire’s been with me till the end of my life.


‘The end of the world’

The end of the world

They say it’s soon

Is it really?

I can’t disagree

That we’re heading for self-destruction

It’s our own choice and fault

Then what will happen with creatures

Who chose only temporary happiness?

Does anybody still believe

We were meant to be good?

Even we don’t believe it


I’m on the edge

I’ve got nowhere to go

I could only jump

The ocean’s ahead

A couple of meters down the cliff

I’m too scared to jump

They’re following me

They soon will be here

I’ve got to jump

I’ll die anyway

Let’s think of a praire


No more choices to spare

My life has been leading to nowhere

But to this jump

I could survive

It’s just a simple dive

Yet first I should jump

What’s more to say?

The words have left me there

To make me jump

They’re already here

Behind me, oh dear


‘Naively In Love’

Your love is like an ocean deep

You say that I’m so sweet

How far could we go?

Your eyes like an ebony dark

You look and are so smart

Is it possible that you can hurt me?

Your touch is like a plume soft

I feel I’ve never been that much loved

Could this be to the detriment of me?

You’re careful like a wild cat

Your silence means a lot

You’re more than everything to me

Although I’ve been refused

Although I’ve been confused

I naively believe that you’re different

‘If you like scary movies…’

I wake up in the middle of the night,

The knife in my hand shining so bright.

I’m scared, I’m panicking.

How could that be?

The smell of death all around me,

My vision’s blurry, I can’t see

Anything in the darkness.

I bravely stand up, diziness

Hits me. I blindly walk out of the room.

I haven’t noticed that broom!

I fall onto the floor sobbing,

I feel something wet on my skin.

No, no, could this be…?

No, it must be a dream.

Yes, so it seems.

I get back to bed, sweet dreams…

I open my eyes,

Sweet beams reach me from the skies.

What a horrible dream!

I’m relieved, the fear dies, it’s almost dim.

I walk into the bathroom with a smile.

My eyes are still closed for a while.

I open them and everything’s ok.

But wait, I can smell something strange.

Could this be…? No way.

I turn around and…

‘A moment, a second and shot’

A moment

– That’s how long it takes

A moment

– And there’s nothing more to face

A moment

– And in the world there’s for you no place

A second

– It’s time to let go

A second

– You’re no longer here, what for?

A second

– Maybe you won’t even notice, though

A shot

– You think you’ve heard it or maybe not

A shot

– A wound filled with acid, one thought

A shot

– Will everything change for the better or worse a lot?

A moment

A second

And shot

‘The Past’

The past is what’s behind us

And will never come back

It can only survive in our memories

Is it important, then?

Does it even matter any more?

We keep on going ahead

Leaving everything in oblivion

Maybe it’s the future

Maybe that’s what really matters

But what will happen with us

When the future becomes the past?