Monthly Archives: October 2010

‘Recipe for happiness’

(with special, long-awaited dedication for MK;))

Let’s get crazy

Because life is so short

Come jump around and shout

We’re gonna live for tonight!

Forget about all the matters

Let’s get lost in a dance!

Take my hand and don’t say it

Not to spoil the great fun

Let’s get low!

Let’s get high!

Let’s run away and hide

We’re gonna mess around

And look for excitement in life

The world is too small

We’ll be leaving in short

But before we go let’s get the most of our lives

Boredom? routine? – absolutely not for us

Saying yes? – you pass…


Like a thief in the night

He creeps into my heart

And leaves me with no goodbye

‘Nothing more precious than poetry/The jewel of humankind’


Nothing gives that much joy

Nothing is worth living so much

As the most beautiful act of making art

Nothing is more precious than poetry

Nor wealth

Nor love

Nor friendship

Nor nature

Everything is passing

Everything is uncertain

But for this flower

Blossoming in my soul

Taking advantage of my heart and mind

Leading to self-destruction

Once started

The power is impossible to stop

Let us pass away in the name of poetry

The jewel of humankind

‘Success for freedom’

You had to be a winner


You craved victory

Disappointed by every second place

Concentrated on success






Nothing else


Can’t you see?

Success made you a prisoner

While you claimed to be free


Impact of water in a water-surface

Clear, innocent and calm

The spring of life,

A gentle healer

It wanted nothing in return

Soft, eternal and somehow strong

Like a good mother

It fed us with its wealth

But then it felt a sudden pain

An acid eating it from the inside

Dark, harmful spots appeared

And caused incurable damage

Like a tumor spread all over its delicate body

Patience finished

Enraged element opened its long arms

Once they were softly hugging its children

Now they cover them forcefully

They smother them

The water shows its force

To the ungrateful human beings


Poem registered in poetry potluck!:)

‘What we haven’t done…’

Orange moon on the dark sky,

Have you seen me passing by?

Have you heard me whispering your name?

Who is actually to blame

For what we haven’t done?