Monthly Archives: November 2010

‘The death’s dance’

The dark pageant of death

dancing in an empty room

Sliding slowly through lonely streets

Swallowing up everything on its way

Gloomy music is surrounding it instead of empty silence

Dictating a rhythm to a final dance

Your feet start to move

Your body starts to feel the groove

Your mind is a vacuum

Your heart forgot to beat

You start dancing

Because you don’t know who you are


And holding passion on your arm


Because there’s nothing else left


Because it’s the souls theft


‘Blue rose’

An artificially coloured rose. A white rose is...


Magically glimmering

Dark blue eyes in the night

The proof of a different love

The proof of hidden desire

You never know what to expect

You never know what’s the secret of its heart

Shining in the mysterious moonlight

The blue rose of our love

‘The moment for love’

A sweet whisper ‘goodbye’.

Prairie Grass & Sun

One look in the eye.

Forget the future

As well as the past.

This one moment,

Let it last.

What’s the point in worrying

How we will live

Separated on cold winter evenings,

When the sun is still shining so brightly in the sky

Bringing peace and delightment into our hearts?

Let’s get lost in the rhythm of the light morning breeze,

And fully enjoy the feeling of grass under our feet.

Let’s fall in love forgetting all mistakes.

Just once again before the lightning breaks

The comfortable silence

Of our reunited souls.

‘It’s just life’

Rain drops on a window

We are so fragile

Though we pretend to be strong

We try to love

We try to fight

We try to be happy

And live the life all right

But still we get lost

We’re left alone

Exposed to pain

Life seems unfair

Days seem to run away

Leaving us to feel like passengers late for a train

Sometimes it’s even hard to wake up

And face the world behind the window

Rain pouring…

Phone ringing…

Tears falling…

Work waiting…

The hardest part?

– Not knowing what’s next


A cosmic abstraction

The voice screamed

The sunshine broke

The clouds fell

The Earth shook


The wind smelled sweetly

The tricks were nifty

The mind followed itself

It got lost on one shelf


The fingers cut

The eyes rolled

The colours glowed

The heart noticed the night


We fell from the depth

Onto the highest point

Where Ted’s scream vomited itself

And quoth Poe’s raven, “Nevermore”


Blinded by the light

We soaked up the darkness

Eternity passed away

But the abstraction lasted