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‘I turn to moon too soon’

The Moon was but a Chin of Gold

My world does not finish on you

Now I know what I should do


Though the sky may still be blue

Though my love may have been true

I can’t

I can’t keep on accepting that you

Never really had a clue

About love

Yes, you know who I’m talking to

I’ll never again think about you

That’s it

My patience finished before came hot June

My eyes turn to stare at the moon

I love it

Blue roses in its light bloom

I will reach it very soon

It will never turn me down

And you will stay in my memory as a cartoon

Which will be lost in my heart’s doom

Goodbye … too soon …


parallel worlds

Emptiness, space

Was there a universe?

Big Bang started all with no grace

And a humble blaze

Then the life was born in one

Parallel worlds were gone

From the minds by the wind blown

In which one day the memory was supposed to be reborn

One idea started the flow

Which will continue from now on

People had to have something to frown upon

They created theories thousand pages long

But where is the truth?

And where lies the spoof?

If we can’t answer, then let’s move

On, thankful to multiverse whatever it can prove



This poem has been submitted for Thursday Poets Rally Week 38, in which I have won the following award:
I’d like to thank SOOO much for the nomination and nominate hindawy for this week 🙂

‘Young Love’


My heart is pounding

Faster and faster

Whenever I see your name

It’s a disaster!

I hold my breath

And close my eyes

I trust you more than myself

I feel as if hung somewhere in the skies

Will you catch me

If I fall?

Your smile says ‘yes’

This love is wonderful!

‘The Summer Of Love’

the beach of Guincho, west coast of Portugal

Warm sunbeams on our faces

There are so many places

We’d like to visit together

Our feelings seem to last forever

On the golden sands of Portugal

Beside its eternal

Mysterious cliffs; like ramblers in deep thought

We watch our souls being caught

Into the love’s treacherous net

Now that our hearts have finally met

There are only two options left:

Connecting or theft

‘Looking for the reason’

I’m frightened to live

And face the never-ending game of appearances

I’m lost in the world,

I’m lost in myself

Don’t know what to expect

Nor which way to choose

I try to reach

Into the blind emptiness

All I need is a reason

To live and fight for

But where can I find it?

Maybe I’m condemned to wander continously

And never reach the unknown aim


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