‘I turn to moon too soon’

The Moon was but a Chin of Gold

My world does not finish on you

Now I know what I should do


Though the sky may still be blue

Though my love may have been true

I can’t

I can’t keep on accepting that you

Never really had a clue

About love

Yes, you know who I’m talking to

I’ll never again think about you

That’s it

My patience finished before came hot June

My eyes turn to stare at the moon

I love it

Blue roses in its light bloom

I will reach it very soon

It will never turn me down

And you will stay in my memory as a cartoon

Which will be lost in my heart’s doom

Goodbye … too soon …


About Magdalena

I'm a positive thinker, a dreamer, a poet, a dancer, a writer. I want to empower people and inspire them to follow their dreams and create their lives exactly the way they wish them to be :)

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  1. Scent of my heart

    the beauty of blue roses, describes the sadness so well of forgetting someone … Deep feelings!

  2. I admire the attitude in here! Thanks too for the smile…”And you will stay in my memory as a cartoon”.

  3. Forgetting is not easy, “It will never turn me down” that’s great. πŸ™‚

  4. stay in my memory like cartoon? haha! so cute you! anyway, i wana thank you for your vote mag.. here’s my potluck.. http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2009/11/29/cinderella-for-a-man/

  5. Very wistfullily sad. I liked the sadness in a strange way…


  6. Blue roses. What a terrific vision.

  7. Turn that memory into a cartoon and maybe someday after some time you can watch it and laugh, instead of cry!

  8. That’s right. We all should walk away from people who don’t have a clue about love! This line’s my favorite: “And you will stay in my memory as a cartoon” – very cleverly written!

  9. lovely..
    super cute imagery.


  10. The beauty of blue roses…beautiful vision!
    Loved your poetry!

  11. Beautiful though sad. Thanks for the imagery and beauty of this poem.

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