‘The Consequence’

Minds that know


Eyes that watch

Mouths that blame

Fingers that point

Heads that turn

And memories that remain

Don’t let you forget


About Magdalena

I'm a positive thinker, a dreamer, a poet, a dancer, a writer. I want to empower people and inspire them to follow their dreams and create their lives exactly the way they wish them to be :)

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  1. Like how you have linked the title to the ending of the whole poem and to each line, intriguing.

  2. Very much truth to this poem, nicely done

  3. A lot of truth in these few words…very good!

  4. True! True! Well cone …

  5. I automatically thought about violence against the children… I suppose you are talking about specific circumstances, for instance, when children witness violent crimes committed by others. The title says a lot too. You selected a really important matter!

    • Yeah, it could be about violence against children, but also about many other kinds of crime or fault… I didn’t want to mention anything specific in the poem, so that the readers would have more freedom of interpretation and relate to it in their own way. And you did just that 😉 Thank you for stopping by and for the kind comment!

  6. The pic says ” remorse ” when I hoover over it and the poem is about that too (tag) The blood on the shirt makes me wonder what happend.
    Very well done!

  7. memories never fail, even when we want it to…
    true words … the picture adds mystery to your write

  8. This is dark! The poem alone was haunting, but the picture really helped set that tone.

  9. Painfully punchy even without the picture, clear tight writing.

  10. Julian Javier the Cyber Mushroom

    well done! a feel of angst and frustration in the verses. i love it.

  11. This packs a punch … and well titled. I love the brevity and the weight of this 🙂

  12. Very short and raw emotions on the surface covering a thin layer of shadowed pain.

  13. Loved the progression…

  14. love it,

    so profound and apt.

  15. It is so true.
    Lovely poem.

  16. Memories, what will we do without them? Sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter … but we all love them!

  17. Short, simple and true.. and the memories, they will hold on for a long time!

  18. very true….the picture promt brought more light on the poem as well.

    my link :http://mypoetrywriting.blogspot.com/2011/05/his-coming-is-near-upon-shores-off-each.html

  19. Thank you for visiting me and, the lovely comment 🙂

  20. Totally agreeing on this one=D~

  21. How true. People can never forgive and forget. You’ve captured the message perfectly.

  22. It is not always Truth
    But there are always Consequences
    Well done

  23. yes they don’t!!!

    and the consequences make you regret!!!

  24. Very nicely done, compacting so much wisdom into so few words. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  25. Yes Magdalena, the consequences… if only we can rid of them, since most of the time they do hurt…

  26. truly said.. somethings are not to be forgotten..or rather they never let us forget..

  27. The depth of consciousness in your 7 lines is brilliant! Guilt, shame, self blame, emotional pain….and how deeply we feel these when we live our humanness.
    Beautifully done! Cindy

  28. amazing. there are many hidden nuances here!

  29. Ooh, so true. This should be posted in schools.

  30. very unique and intriguing. makes you want to read more…

  31. There’s a certain mystery to this poem with the image to go with it. Makes me believe something awful happened that is a constant memory.

    Quite intriguing!

    (Thank you for visiting my blog)

  32. So true! There are always consequences to each action, and even after you walk away, the memories remain.

    I’m intrigued, too!

  33. Powerful, I love the image and drama and mystery of this poem

  34. birchtreepastor

    Simple, poignant, and haunting! Well done!

  35. Few words that say so much make for an excellent poem!

  36. Damn…that was good!

    And because we don’t forget, we stand in judgement from others and worst, from ourselves.

    Happy Rally!

  37. True. They don’t let you EVER forget.

  38. Feeling judged and not accepted will be a long time healing.

  39. intense, even though it’s short! nice.

  40. So Hunting and Intruiging 🙂

  41. I like how you didn’t go on and on and still got your message across. Good word economy.

  42. ALIVE aLwaYs

    I wish if I could remove the 6th line there will be no 7th line (I don’t mean to remove from your lovely poem, just saying)

  43. I love the berevity of this poem! Great!

  44. Hence why we should look before we leap before regrets. I know life is sometimes full of unpredictabilities. But yet, if we leap before thoughts, we must know, we need to shoulder all consequences.

    Aptly put! Happy Rally!

  45. Love it. Concise, to the point. Saying something everyone feels they can relate to, and yet it means something different to everyone. Well done!

  46. let us never forfet our wonderful memories. great write

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