Monthly Archives: July 2011

‘The girl of the sea’

A wave breaks onto Carmel River State Beach

Wind playing with her hair

Thoughts racing through his head

Sun hiding behind the clouds


He’s taking her hand

She drops three tears

Shadows take them in cold embrace


She’s changing her mind

He’s waiting with blank eyes

Crow breaks the silence


She’s breaking his promise

He’s breaking her heart

Sand covers their feet


She turns to kiss him

He tells her he would miss her

The voice says: ‘Sheer lies’


She knows it’s true

He pretends he hasn’t heard it

Lightning breaks the skies


She pushes him aside

He falls onto the rock

Sea caresses her skin


She jumps into the waves

He looks at her half consciously

All remains still in the darkness


‘The unconscious mind’ – Part 10

They ran as fast as they could, but it was already too late. When they reached the end of the corridor from which the terrible noise came, they were hit by the stream of refreshing air, but neither their colleague nor the runaway were to be found. What’s more, there didn’t seem to be any way out. As they scanned the wall for hidden clues, they already knew one thing for sure. No matter what happened, no matter where he was now, their young, ambitious friend wasn’t coming back. Ever.