‘Not a Person Any More’

The essence

core society

Far beyond the gestures


Feeling more


Being more

The body traps

Wanting to breathe again


Not just inhaling and exhaling

The core

The heart

They struggle

Wanting to be free

I am not a person any more

Raging against myself

I am the soul


About Magdalena

I'm a positive thinker, a dreamer, a poet, a dancer, a writer. I want to empower people and inspire them to follow their dreams and create their lives exactly the way they wish them to be :)

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  1. I felt this in the depths of my soul… this poem was beautiful… so much I have read it over and over again. Fight back tears… I felt I could be one with the words you wrote.
    Loved this!


  2. Ver expressive of a journey into spirit.

  3. That was beautiful, I felt every verse as searching for answers not there, thank u

  4. A journey into the essence of who you are…nice work

  5. i like the jerky, visceral feel of this work, as if something in deep torment. hope i am making sense. 🙂

  6. Cool. You’ve done a great job describing the struggle to separate oneself from the confines of these bodies. Great write!

  7. Very nicely penned. You captured the struggle very well.

  8. I am not a person any more

    Raging against myself

    I am the soul

    ……love it!

  9. interesting introspection in so few words.

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