‘Ghosts of the Past’

Ghosts of the pastGhost fear

Floating on the streets of sorrow

Searching for memories

Was never easy


About Magdalena

I'm a positive thinker, a dreamer, a poet, a dancer, a writer. I want to empower people and inspire them to follow their dreams and create their lives exactly the way they wish them to be :)

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  1. short yet so amazing.. so profound … such short pieces leave me speechless with by their sheer power … this was one such write. brilliant.

  2. simple and powerful statement.


  3. Nope, never easy at all …

  4. Hauntingly beautiful. A magnificent little piece beautifully done

  5. “Floating on the streets of sorrow” is a great line!
    Love this! Strong!

  6. a very well fine tuned piece,

    creepy and beautiful imagery.

  7. I have many ghosts that haunt me. Nice, poignant piece here. You might like mine…of a similar subject


  8. Powerful and open to imagination for the reader

  9. Evocative poem, nice bubble of emotion.

  10. i dont’ thinkbeing a ghost is very easy


  11. so much said in few words, and open for the reader’s interpretation. thanks for share!

  12. Ghosts of the past, something we have to learn to let go. It’s never easy but only if ghosts are varnished, then will memories remain, part of our growing process! I like how you have associated a sad past with memories.

  13. this is truly a good example of haiku, awesome piece.

  14. floating around in the present as a ghost

    between buildings

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