Monthly Archives: February 2012


black swan

My alter ego came up

Pushing me aside

But I’m it


There is no one in the world

There is no one who would understand

But I don’t seek understanding


I seek solitude

Space to explore myself

My dark side


The black swan

Seems more me

Than the white swan I’ve pretended to be


No more disguise

No more goodness

More rage


I want it

I crave for it

Because it’s me


It feels so wonderful

To set it free

Not to be a nice little girl


Their girl

The one they’ve underestimated

I’ve killed her for I don’t need her any more


I never did

I never will

Goodby, goodbye



Disappear in thin air

Melt in front of their eyes


Now it’s only me

Now it’s only real and mystic

All of this and everything more