black swan

My alter ego came up

Pushing me aside

But I’m it


There is no one in the world

There is no one who would understand

But I don’t seek understanding


I seek solitude

Space to explore myself

My dark side


The black swan

Seems more me

Than the white swan I’ve pretended to be


No more disguise

No more goodness

More rage


I want it

I crave for it

Because it’s me


It feels so wonderful

To set it free

Not to be a nice little girl


Their girl

The one they’ve underestimated

I’ve killed her for I don’t need her any more


I never did

I never will

Goodby, goodbye



Disappear in thin air

Melt in front of their eyes


Now it’s only me

Now it’s only real and mystic

All of this and everything more


About Magdalena

I'm a positive thinker, a dreamer, a poet, a dancer, a writer. I want to empower people and inspire them to follow their dreams and create their lives exactly the way they wish them to be :)

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  1. Love it …. I know the feeling of breaking away from imposed restraints and being free…

    “Their girl
    The one they’ve underestimated
    I’ve killed her for I don’t need her any more”

    Totally understand identifying with the Black swan over the White one…

    Great job!

  2. I too have broken the bonds that held me from being me…wonderful work of freedom!

  3. Wow! Awesome poem. Break free of the bonds that held you. I think everyone has such an experience. I too had to break loose of the bonds that held me from being the one who I am now.

  4. very deep… your raw emotions where well penned! Hit me to the core, this one did!


  5. Hello.
    WoW! Stunning imagery to accompany these deep, powerful words.
    Nicely penned!
    Thanks for sharing.

    No Anguish Or Pain

  6. Great. Look forward to mopre adventuresfrom the NEW you.

  7. Very vivid emotional imagery. I enjoyed the breaking loose.

  8. COOL !!!! a real tale of awakening to self realisation …one can only live for one self to truly live ! ….thank you for a great read x

  9. I like this. It’s an emancipation of sorts when you shed who you were for who you are.


    Mark Butkus

  10. Brilliant – we all have a Hyde waiting to take over from gentle Dr Jekyll

  11. The rebellious spirit lives on! Well written.

  12. This is very good, loved the theme of diving into the dark mystery of who you are, breaking away from the eggshell of youth perhaps…neither black or white but iridescent

  13. You appreciated Aronofsky didnt you? 🙂 And you’ve explored darkness with darkness and light with light.

  14. Freedom is being true to one’s self. (The photo from black swan frightens me though. What a movie.)

  15. I can so relate to this poem, loved it.

  16. Freedom to be free, that’s the greatest gift in life!

  17. Love the innocence and free will in this poem – can feel the need and urgency to seek the true ”you” 🙂

  18. Very vivid expression. Sometimes one kills a part to survive.


  19. Welcome. Free at last. The true you is appreciated.

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