Monthly Archives: July 2012


Rails, oh tempting rails

Leading your own ways

When I look at you

And the train approaching that was due

I feel the urge, oh so lunatic

To run straight ahead onto your metal sticks

I wonder if it would hurt so much

Or it would be quick and soft as a plume’s touch

I don’t want to die

Please don’t judge me in a blink of an eye

I guess I just need an adrenaline rush

Something more exciting than a high school crush

Everything around bores me, I must say

What seems like ecstasy is a simple rail

So hold me really tight when we’re at the station

Because I may just jump the moment you stop paying attention

‘One Candle’

When the candle is blown on the rainy night

And darkness falls onto our arms

He walks past me with his gaze fixed on the stars

His shadow moves slowly with delicate touch

His expression hopeful but eyes so sad

Who would want to have a job like that?

I sit on a bench not expecting what will come

He walks around me one more time

My hands seem to disappear

The fog surrounds me, covers me like silky down

His lips move in a whisper

One tear shining under his eyes

I hear my name, I’m sure about that

How does he know it, I ask?

‘Madelaine, Madelaine’

One little candle disappeared in the night