Monthly Archives: January 2013


Masquerade, oh masquerade

What’s in disguise

You can’t despise

In this huge masquerade


Masquerade, masquerade

Life is a theater with my big act

All actors in masks, what’s play and what’s fact?

Masquerade within a masquerade


Masquerade, it’s all a masquerade

What I see is all deception

Still I’m naive in my reception

Of this masquerade


Masquerade, hopeless masquerade

I’ve lost my mask

What’s now my task?

No face, no mask, no masquerade


Masquerade, my masquerade

I’m not perfect in my form

No matter how I try to perform

My role in the masquerade


Masquerade, it goes on, the masquerade

Nobody would dare show their real face

I guess one day I’ll find a way to leave this place

This set-up, this masquerade

A Venziana mask from Verona, Italy.