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‘Wicked weather for a hurt heart’

Tempting tempests

Stylish storms

With wicked weather

I dance at dawn

At tricky twilights

And twee ones too

I spin and spill

My words onto winding vines

As my mind makes a missile of thoughts

And my hurt heart hurries like a hurricane



‘Artistic Lunacy’

I’m walking on a sunny day

Delighted to have sunlight on my face,

Pleased to have my say

By writing. On starry nights I glance into space

While the two worlds mix with each other.

A sudden feeling of discomfort, inexplicable.

I’ve got thoughts to gather

But they all split, it’s undeniable

Something’s been watching me

For a long, long time

From behind that cherry tree.

Have I committed some crime

I’ve written about?

I can see the light

Which is coming out

From my inside…

What a mad suicide!

Normal for lunatic poets

Who put their sorrow aside

By drowning it in the muse’s sockets.


Poetry Potluck


The mysterious Door

There was a closed door.

But people wanted more

Than they could see.


Once the duke said, ‘I implore

You to finally open that hapless door.’

No one dared from the assembly.


‘Got to see what we can score!

We want more than our lore,

We want never – ending glee!’


Then the key was found, so small.

‘Does it match the big keyhole?

Let us try and see!’


Squeaked the hinge as people roared,

‘Now it’s opened, that door,

And who did it? – we!


Now let’s see what we’ve come for.

Oh, some will have to crawl

Under our feet!’


Then the light from behind the door

Dazzles muzzles as they grow

And turn profoundly green.


Greedy trolls, now they should know

What that ghastly punishment is for!

Nothing – you all mean


Without your soul,

Without that door,

Nothing else will make your heart beam.

‘Reality and Love’

A moment of hesitation

A deep relation

Between two people on their own

Struggling to be together

Struggling to stay forever

This way

Little wings

Delicate strings

Sent from heaven above

Invisibly connecting

Watching and wanting

To conceal the painful truth

To control their actions

By little golden fractions

Spread around them

Their eyes closed for the evil

Love doesn’t care to reveal

The actual reality