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‘New Day’ – Part 2/3

Ann and John met four years before. It was the last dance of the summer 1979 in the town. John was hanging around with his friends, drinking and having fun when in the crowd he noticed a small delicate girl, dressed in a light pink dress with her hair dissolved mischievously. Their eyes met making both of them turn away and blush with embarrassment. It was only when the darkness of the night surrounded the world and most of the youth were already sleeping or sitting somewhere aside, that young man got himself to approach the beautiful stranger and ask her for a dance. Colourful disco lights danced on their faces, when they moved closer to each other in perfect harmony. They may have just met, but their bodies and souls seemed to have known each other for ages. They communicated with no words spoken, breathing in the smell of each other’s skin, listening to the beat of each other’s heart. Suddenly, the clock stroke 4 am breaking the moment mercilessly. John gazed into the girl’s eyes for the last time.

Rhythm, a sequence in time repeated, featured ...

“What’s your name?,” he whispered the question into her ear.

“It’s Ann,” she whispered back with a trembling voice.

“I’m John,” he said, shaking her hand. “I should go now.”

“Wait! Shall I walk with you?”

“It won’t be necessary.”

The year passed and they didn’t see each other. Ann had almost forgotten about the encounter. She was growing up to become a proud young woman. Then, the summer came once again and they met on the dance for the second time. It was just like the first one. When they approached each other, the whole world around them seemed to disappear; they melted in each other’s arms with the strange feeling of fulfilment. With the coming of the dawn, John disappeared mysteriously, not to be seen by Ann for another year.

The fourth summer John and Ann were both grown-ups with dark experiences shadowing their personalities and souls. They were no longer innocent and their hearts were bruised by past heartbreaks. They talked more and cherished every moment spent together on this one last night. As the first sunbeams began to appear behind the window, Ann knew that the moment of goodbye she always hated was looming. Cautiously, she decided to pop the question she wanted to ask for so long:

“Listen, John. Would you like to go out with me some time?”

“You know, it’s not a good idea. I’m just not ready for any kind of commitment.”, he muttered shyly. “I really hope you understand.”

That was the answer she hadn’t expected. She turned away and whispered, “You should go now…”

As he was leaving, John glanced back one last time at Ann and felt one hot tear running down his cheek. He didn’t know whether it was the right decision any more. What he felt for that girl was something different, strong and passionate. However, he was so scared, he didn’t recognize himself with her. And still, the pain of the last heartbreak remained in his memory like a warning not to commit himself with a woman ever again. It was then that he decided to go to war. It was the only place where the atmosphere would be tight enough to let him forget about Ann.

‘ ‘Tis what you seek’

purple flowering tree.jpg

Dance between the lights

Dance between the trees

Dancing in the darkness

Dancing with the leaves


Falling on my cheeks

Little purple flowers

I’m surrounded by the power

Of their sheer beauty


Singing to remember

Singing to forget

Moments that blacken my soul

And make me regret


The secret’s in the smiles

And in hugging the world lovingly

Love yourself and respect your body

Cherish the life as it is


Fight for your dreams

And believe in a victory

Dance and sing along the way

What you’ll find is what you seek



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For this week I’d like to nominate Julian Javier 😉

‘Ode to attitudes and worries’

It scares me so

That life will go

And I won’t get a chance

To even glance

At everything I would love to taste


It scares me so

That I will grow

Out of being me

Before I can even see

It coming


It scares me so

That I will lose my flow

Lose what I love

And heaven above

Won’t give it back


It bugs me so

That you don’t want to know

Me before you start judging

Or even grudging

What I have


It bugs me so

That everything will go

So fast

Like a blast

If I enjoy it


It bugs me so

That you can end up so low

And it’s so much easier

Than the busier

Way to holiness


I enjoy it so

That I can throw

All of the above

Away to get lost in what I love

– In careless song and dance

Sega Beach Dance Video


‘Free spirit’

Paloma runs down Quail run, Desert Botanical G...


It’s all I need

Delicate breeze in my hair

Sunbeams on my cheeks

Light-hearted and far away

I’m so delirious today!

I’m going ahead

Where my legs take me

I don’t belong here

I don’t belong anywhere

I’m running

Shaking off the pain

No bag in hand

No money

Nothing on my mind

I break free

I don’t need you

Music is enough

To move my legs

And let my heart grow

With great passion

I want to dance

And simply forget

‘Wicked weather for a hurt heart’

Tempting tempests

Stylish storms

With wicked weather

I dance at dawn

At tricky twilights

And twee ones too

I spin and spill

My words onto winding vines

As my mind makes a missile of thoughts

And my hurt heart hurries like a hurricane


‘The death’s dance’

The dark pageant of death

dancing in an empty room

Sliding slowly through lonely streets

Swallowing up everything on its way

Gloomy music is surrounding it instead of empty silence

Dictating a rhythm to a final dance

Your feet start to move

Your body starts to feel the groove

Your mind is a vacuum

Your heart forgot to beat

You start dancing

Because you don’t know who you are


And holding passion on your arm


Because there’s nothing else left


Because it’s the souls theft