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‘The Night’

Winter Tree and Dark Night Sky Fireworks like ...

Through the haunted streets

Walked the night,

Bringing darkness,

Solitary sadness,

Sentiments and repercussions.


The wind blew

Washing the leaves from the path,

Taking the forgotten letters,

Never to reach the end of their journeys,

Leaving uncertain hearts alone forever.


The stars shone in their majesty,

Blinking at the wanderer mysteriously,

Confusing him with their playful glow,

He’ll never get where he wanted to go

Unless he survives until the break of the dawn.


The silence of the night stood close,

Lulling every creature on its path

Into a sleep, deep and dark,

Saving them from the anger of the damned

Souls drifting on the wings of the fallen angels.

‘The Edge’

Surrounded by the shadows of memories

And sick illusions of past joys

I lie tearless in the middle

Of the room which carried

My demons for years and more

In the stillness of surroundings

No distractions and no sounds

I lie without a single thought

Racing through my empty mind

I watch my worries circling around

Just watch them growing bigger and smaller

Although I don’t think nor consider

Anything, anything at all

My heart became heartless

The feelings – unwanted dust

Body like a prison

I let out a silent siren’s cry

Bent and straightened in convulsion

Not knowing repercussion

My soul fleeing

My head bleeding

Sweet still sour freedom awaiting

Now, ain’t that what I truly want?