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‘Kiss of Death’

If you kiss her

El bes de la mort - The kiss of death - El bes...

Don’t be surprised

By the approaching darkness of the skies

Something evil is looming

The sweetness of those lips so consuming

A taste of sour cherry

The temptation you can’t resist

But beware

And don’t say you haven’t been warned

When you give death a kiss

‘In Search For More’

Original caption from NASA: "S103-E-5037 ...

Leaving the world with a smile on his face

Flew the spirit on the chilly winter’s embrace

‘Goodbye my tricky life

Go on with your unexpected dive

The space is waiting with its mysteries

So many roads to choose with no limits’

He knew the sweetness of blossoming trees,

The kisses of love, the pleasure he would miss

But the joys of the Earth were not enough

He wanted so much more to discover on his path

What he did – a lunacy, that’s what they called it

A mourning crowd was an illusion in not that little bit

The emptiness he did not feel anymore

When he realised he had it all in his hands, his proper lore

He left his cat, the rain and depressing fall

And then he announced, ‘’tis my final call’


Rails, oh tempting rails

Leading your own ways

When I look at you

And the train approaching that was due

I feel the urge, oh so lunatic

To run straight ahead onto your metal sticks

I wonder if it would hurt so much

Or it would be quick and soft as a plume’s touch

I don’t want to die

Please don’t judge me in a blink of an eye

I guess I just need an adrenaline rush

Something more exciting than a high school crush

Everything around bores me, I must say

What seems like ecstasy is a simple rail

So hold me really tight when we’re at the station

Because I may just jump the moment you stop paying attention

‘One Candle’

When the candle is blown on the rainy night

And darkness falls onto our arms

He walks past me with his gaze fixed on the stars

His shadow moves slowly with delicate touch

His expression hopeful but eyes so sad

Who would want to have a job like that?

I sit on a bench not expecting what will come

He walks around me one more time

My hands seem to disappear

The fog surrounds me, covers me like silky down

His lips move in a whisper

One tear shining under his eyes

I hear my name, I’m sure about that

How does he know it, I ask?

‘Madelaine, Madelaine’

One little candle disappeared in the night

‘Hospital wards’


In hospital wards

Between white walls

Among silent moanings

And loud cries

In the silence

That caresses those lost

In hope

Which kisses the retrieved

So many souls wander



Floating in the tense air

I’m walking too

My ghostly steps sound like knocking

On heaven’s door

But some fall…

‘Worm corpses’

Hundreds of worm corpses

Floating reluctantly on the surface of the deathly waters

Left in oblivion

Left without a clue

How to pass away with dignity

Do we really know?

‘The death’s dance’

The dark pageant of death

dancing in an empty room

Sliding slowly through lonely streets

Swallowing up everything on its way

Gloomy music is surrounding it instead of empty silence

Dictating a rhythm to a final dance

Your feet start to move

Your body starts to feel the groove

Your mind is a vacuum

Your heart forgot to beat

You start dancing

Because you don’t know who you are


And holding passion on your arm


Because there’s nothing else left


Because it’s the souls theft

‘Sad ending for a cruel person’

Don’t you realize

There’ll be no tear shed

There’ll be no love

No empathy for you left?

Don’t you care?

You’re making it worse

You let anger overcome you

That’s what’s been leading you yet

Are you soulless

Giving pain

To everyone that around you stay?

There’ll be no mercy

Only cruelty left

And pity

But not for you for sure

They’ll forget you

They’ll let you pass away

Like a nightmare from one’s mind

You’ll be thrown away

‘A woman lying on the ground’

A woman lying on the ground

Her eyes closed

Her mind open

A dark, sticky substance beside her

Revealing her story

And too hiding it forever

Lying on the grass

Warm sunbeams on her face

Every memory

Every thought

Struggling to be freed

Will they ever be?

A woman lying on the ground

So naturally

So carelessly


‘Everything for nothing’

My soul is bleeding

All I see is blood

All I see is pain

Did they have to do that?

All I feel is sorrow

All I know is evil

Don’t want to care any more

Don’t want my feelings any more

I could sell them for one pound

You can hit me, I don’t feel it

You can tell a million lies

All I’ve been through burnt my soul

And there’s no coming back

Cause the ashes won’t unburn

Cause what’s said can’t be unsaid

Don’t want to see what I’m seeing

I’d rather be blind, it won’t hurt

There’s no solution to the issue

There’s no point looking back

There’s no point looking ahead

Cause all you’ll see will be a lie

Will never understand how they cause pain

How they each other hate

How the hatred can come from the inside

More sincere than love

Million tears above them floating

Million shadows dark as coal

No more smiles until they’re hurting

No more family without death