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‘Routine: Lethal’

Waking up

The song

A cup of coffee


The whole day…


Is like

An echo

Of the previous day


The little routines

The big routines

Swallowing us

Surrounding us

Till we know nothing else

And it’s…

The end


Step by step

The harmony of habit


Leads us all



To the same place



Time is no saviour

It’s a trap

A prison

From which no one can escape

And it pushes

It pushes us

Till the end


I wake up

Every day



Stuck in routine


Till the end



lost in thought

Floating in the sea of helplessness

Among the biterness of nothingness

Within the routines and faces touched by sadness

Carried away in the fate’s darkness

Pondering over world’s unfairness

Searching for the promised brightness

And the unlikely happiness

Hoping for some kind of loneliness

But you’re never alone in your human weakness

The minutes run away into nothingness

You’re left with less and less time before death, drowning deeper into hopelessness

‘In Search For More’

Original caption from NASA: "S103-E-5037 ...

Leaving the world with a smile on his face

Flew the spirit on the chilly winter’s embrace

‘Goodbye my tricky life

Go on with your unexpected dive

The space is waiting with its mysteries

So many roads to choose with no limits’

He knew the sweetness of blossoming trees,

The kisses of love, the pleasure he would miss

But the joys of the Earth were not enough

He wanted so much more to discover on his path

What he did – a lunacy, that’s what they called it

A mourning crowd was an illusion in not that little bit

The emptiness he did not feel anymore

When he realised he had it all in his hands, his proper lore

He left his cat, the rain and depressing fall

And then he announced, ‘’tis my final call’

‘The world’s loneliness’


How can we be so lonely

In the arms of the world?

How can we shout for attention

And be left unheard?

How can we hold somebody so tenderly

And be pushed away?

How can we be such sensitive souls

In the army of tough soldiers?

How can we all be alone

If all we need is a friend?

The world is so cold, sad and empty

When there’s no one to share.

If only we could be both strong and delicate

And with a song attract the sincere one left.


Sometimes I feel like a puppet

Bleached and worn

Without emotions

Willing to die

To be thrown away onto a dusty attic

At least hidden

Under piles of forgotten clutter

I wouldn’t hear their shouting

‘The usual unusual moaning of mine’

How much longer are we gonna pretend

That we’re not living our lives second hand?

Now, would you tell me it doesn’t make sense

That I want to search for myself without defence?

And please don’t tell me you love me unconditionally

Finally admit that you would cease to if I stopped being me

Do you know if it’s me anyway?

I keep on changing and changing every day

Perhaps there is no point in my present sorrow

Why even care what’s it gonna be tomorrow?

I don’t understand what has happened to me

So happy I used to be

Now nothing seems to matter at all

Even though I’ve managed to find my goal

Maybe too positive is just not healthy

You have to be sad and confused and not so wealthy

From time to time being down is so enjoyable

There’s some sick ecstasy in it, seemingly not probable

Do you find me even more insane?

I guess I know who is to blame

Although dreamy, I sometimes get quite sceptical

At the same time I hate all that is logical

It is probably getting quite boring

Just my usual unusual moaning

One number up in my age

And so I started considering some great rage

Please don’t wonder what I really meant in here

You can instead have fun with a cup of beer

As I always say the choice is yours

But you’re already here, so you’re gonna go through it, of course


I’d like to thank a lot for the following award in the Thursday Poets Rally:

I nominate Touch 😉

‘The sorrow can only fall asleep’

One more tear I will shed

One more glass of champagne I won’t have

As I will drink wine instead


When will this sorrow go away?

When will this memory find its way

Out of my head?


A song of madness

Sung in shadows, hiding from the lights

Strong feelings may never actually die

Tempranillo varietal wine bottle and glass, sh...