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‘Was it a dream?’

Was it a dream?

The beauty, the mountains, the lake

Was it a dream?

Constant happiness, joy, no stress

Was it a dream?

Dark brown eyes looking so sweetly into mine

Was it a dream?

But then above the clouds I fly…


Can we ever keep a dream

Or will it always die

And make us search once again

Not knowing for what and why?



LausanneOpen your heart

Embrace the world

Feel the joy of breathing

Fresh air in your lungs


Broaden your horizons

Notice the infinite possibilities

Spreading in front of you

Every single day


We are here for a moment

So why not have some fun?

Play with life

And spread your love around


Share your heart

With all the creatures of God

Smile and have a laugh

Don’t waste your life being sad


Do what you want

Be whoever you want to be

Choose your destiny

Have the courage to live


If you don’t let the rules suffocate you

If you don’t let anyone kill your dreams

You will see that the world is a miracle

And every second is worth living

‘The Awakening’

In the middle of the night so dark

The snow started falling from the sky

The sky was the colour of black coal

I woke up thinking whether I wanted him to know


I looked out the window into the depths of the world

The brilliance of the shapes deeply touched my soul

And I thought how beautiful and simple life could be

If one was born a star or a snowflake shaped so mysteriously


The night would have been a dark blanket of life

The world – indifferent in view of such short existance

Then why is it so, I sadly asked my thoughts

That I can’t choose the life I want so badly?


The night brightened as if in response

A tear froze on my cheek awaiting

For the day that was about to creep into my solitude

Gray, yet no longer black in its nature



When a thunder broke the sunny day in half,

I was dreaming with my eyes fixed on the empty sky.

Oh, was it empty when I’ve fallen asleep,

Now dark carpet covered it.

The anxiety came with the colour of deep blue,

My dreams clouded with nightmarish glow,

The depth of the soul uncovered sharply,

Found myself begging for mercy of the black king

‘Oh Lord, bring back the sweetness of a thought!’

My dream – a nightmare,

Emptiness filled with pain

Of a heart longing for answers,

For questions not to remain.

Suddenly the wind blew taking a page away.

The page of the book of life danced its way to the grave.

In the muddy puddle the words were lost,

Never to be rediscovered,

Never to be written again.

‘Oh, dear Lord, is that what I was heading for?’

Still no secrets uncovered,

I’m standing in the middle of a storm.

‘In Search For More’

Original caption from NASA: "S103-E-5037 ...

Leaving the world with a smile on his face

Flew the spirit on the chilly winter’s embrace

‘Goodbye my tricky life

Go on with your unexpected dive

The space is waiting with its mysteries

So many roads to choose with no limits’

He knew the sweetness of blossoming trees,

The kisses of love, the pleasure he would miss

But the joys of the Earth were not enough

He wanted so much more to discover on his path

What he did – a lunacy, that’s what they called it

A mourning crowd was an illusion in not that little bit

The emptiness he did not feel anymore

When he realised he had it all in his hands, his proper lore

He left his cat, the rain and depressing fall

And then he announced, ‘’tis my final call’

‘The Vision’

Burning sun

Falling down the stairs

Slowly, gradually


Rivers of blood

Red and black

Flowing right with it


The vision changes

I’m in the sand

Blue sand


Out of blue sand

There come manlike creatures

Surrounding me, disintegrating me


Green grass

Is falling

From the orange sky


Sky in flames

Hanging chains

Welcoming me


Rivers, shivers,

Hues, images

Now find the meaning


‘The Girl’s Dream / Perfect Love’


If you told me that my eyes shine brighter than stars on the night sky

And my lips are sweeter than the best cherry pie,

If you held my face in your strong hands

And looked at me as though on me it all depends,

If your lips formed a smile every time you thought of me

And if you promised just there to be,

If you whispered two words like you meant them

And kissed me delicately instead of giving me a gem,

I would know that one thing, believe that it’s true,

I would know that my heart belongs to you.



I’d like to thank for the following award from the Thursday Poets Rally:

I nominate Kick Out the Jams 🙂



A maggot crawling down your cheek

An owl hunting behind the window

You can’t sleep


The lights have gone off

But the world around still visible

Dreams just won’t come


The sounds so silent yet so sharp

The music’s playing in this night

No – the nightmare won’t visit either


You turn from side to side

Try to watch TV – there’s a late night fight

Eyes don’t close, they can’t


First rays appear on the horizon

The alarm clock has suddenly gone off

Oh, sweet sleep – it comes


Now you can’t wake up


Do You Still Dream?

When the morphine of your love fills my veins

And sweet scent of myrrh caresses my nostrils

My eyes close in the myriad of dying sunbeams

And my mind knows it is the time for it to be a guide

Helplessly drifting through lonely streets

Hanging on every pleasant thought

With a thousand colors and dreams around me

I’d do anything to be permitted to stay

But reality wakes me all over again

And reality shows me it’s always the same

The reality scares me in its cold disdain

Still I keep on finding my way back

I sail away and dream of my perfect land

So come and sleep

Come and dream

With me, oh dream

The world can always wait


The mysterious Door

There was a closed door.

But people wanted more

Than they could see.


Once the duke said, ‘I implore

You to finally open that hapless door.’

No one dared from the assembly.


‘Got to see what we can score!

We want more than our lore,

We want never – ending glee!’


Then the key was found, so small.

‘Does it match the big keyhole?

Let us try and see!’


Squeaked the hinge as people roared,

‘Now it’s opened, that door,

And who did it? – we!


Now let’s see what we’ve come for.

Oh, some will have to crawl

Under our feet!’


Then the light from behind the door

Dazzles muzzles as they grow

And turn profoundly green.


Greedy trolls, now they should know

What that ghastly punishment is for!

Nothing – you all mean


Without your soul,

Without that door,

Nothing else will make your heart beam.