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Grey mountains’ peaks

Topped with white snow

Peering through the clouds

Everywhere you look

So majestic in their coldness

So raw, so sharp

Untouched by the human’s hand

Untrapped within civilization’s traps


What is a human?

So tiny, so weak

Thrown somewhere in the middle

Of the nature’s boldness

Who does he think he is

To interfere with all creation

While being just a tiny piece

Of the great puzzle?


Impact of water in a water-surface

Clear, innocent and calm

The spring of life,

A gentle healer

It wanted nothing in return

Soft, eternal and somehow strong

Like a good mother

It fed us with its wealth

But then it felt a sudden pain

An acid eating it from the inside

Dark, harmful spots appeared

And caused incurable damage

Like a tumor spread all over its delicate body

Patience finished

Enraged element opened its long arms

Once they were softly hugging its children

Now they cover them forcefully

They smother them

The water shows its force

To the ungrateful human beings


Poem registered in poetry potluck!:)

‘Little bird’

Little bird was sitting on the branch

Forgotten and upset

It was looking at the world

Or what from the world was left

It shed one tear

It bent over its broken wing

And in weakening voice

It sung its last song

About love that was betrayed

About the Earth that was destroyed

About the human that killed its parents

And in darkness full of silence

And bitter loneliness

It slowly passed away

Its little heart broken of regret


Poem registered in poetry potluck!:)