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It’s time to leaveLausanne

Even though my heart will cry

It’s time to leave

It’s time to say goodbye


Nothing lasts forever

No matter how hard it sounds

No matter how much we would like to

We can’t change the way things are


It’s time to leave

Even though I love the place

Even though I’m sure that here I do belong

And my  heart will stay here forever


It’s time to leave

I’m leaving here my heart

I’m leaving here my soul

And my peace of mind


It’s time to leave

All I have is a hopeful thought

And a dream of coming back

One joyful day


When the darkness falls

I fall back into my misery

With the coldness of the autumn winds

I shiver inside and outside of my body

Drifting across the ocean of memories


My ship is carried by the storm

The heart of my existence shattered

Shattered into pieces

I don’t want it

I don’t want to fall into this dark depth again

What if

What if this time I don’t find my way back?

Don’t take me

Don’t take me away

The fog comes

I’m melting

Souls bleeding with tears

Everything I see


Begging turned into sobbing

No hope for it to end

Before the light saves me once again

‘The New Beginning’

Setting free imagination

Letting go

Of the tainted thoughts

Of worn out feelings

I am home

I am home again

Faces smile through the fog of emptiness

I am

I am again

Looking for more pain

To drown in for the future

‘The sorrow can only fall asleep’

One more tear I will shed

One more glass of champagne I won’t have

As I will drink wine instead


When will this sorrow go away?

When will this memory find its way

Out of my head?


A song of madness

Sung in shadows, hiding from the lights

Strong feelings may never actually die

Tempranillo varietal wine bottle and glass, sh...