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This mind is sick…

This mind is twisted…

It sees…


– A hand – bony

My own?


– Blood – tawny

Whose own?


– The vision – blurry

Means what?


– The thoughts – scary

So what?

The crime commited by each of us

Although in mind, once or twice

Could one day give birth to an actual act

Which will posion your mind and life

‘Everything for nothing’

My soul is bleeding

All I see is blood

All I see is pain

Did they have to do that?

All I feel is sorrow

All I know is evil

Don’t want to care any more

Don’t want my feelings any more

I could sell them for one pound

You can hit me, I don’t feel it

You can tell a million lies

All I’ve been through burnt my soul

And there’s no coming back

Cause the ashes won’t unburn

Cause what’s said can’t be unsaid

Don’t want to see what I’m seeing

I’d rather be blind, it won’t hurt

There’s no solution to the issue

There’s no point looking back

There’s no point looking ahead

Cause all you’ll see will be a lie

Will never understand how they cause pain

How they each other hate

How the hatred can come from the inside

More sincere than love

Million tears above them floating

Million shadows dark as coal

No more smiles until they’re hurting

No more family without death