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When a thunder broke the sunny day in half,

I was dreaming with my eyes fixed on the empty sky.

Oh, was it empty when I’ve fallen asleep,

Now dark carpet covered it.

The anxiety came with the colour of deep blue,

My dreams clouded with nightmarish glow,

The depth of the soul uncovered sharply,

Found myself begging for mercy of the black king

‘Oh Lord, bring back the sweetness of a thought!’

My dream – a nightmare,

Emptiness filled with pain

Of a heart longing for answers,

For questions not to remain.

Suddenly the wind blew taking a page away.

The page of the book of life danced its way to the grave.

In the muddy puddle the words were lost,

Never to be rediscovered,

Never to be written again.

‘Oh, dear Lord, is that what I was heading for?’

Still no secrets uncovered,

I’m standing in the middle of a storm.



Thinking about all of my past lives,

What could I have been?

A bug?

A seal?

Or maybe a queen?

Could this be my first life?

Perhaps it’s my last life,

Who will ever know?

Does anything stay in me

From  each experience

In my each incarnation?

What will happen when the world ends?

Will I ever know who I really am

If it keeps changing?

Maybe having been so many things

I’m somehow nothing.

‘The purpose of our existance’

Can’t find my way

In the labirynth of life

It’s so hard to stay

And to go and to run away

Even those who seem content

Deep in mind fall apart

Tired of trying

Of working and following unknown

Following too the schedules

And boring same schemes

What are we living for?

To die and be forgotten?

To close our eyes once and forever?

We are the victims of ourselves

Straying into questions

That are never to be answered