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‘Ode to attitudes and worries’

It scares me so

That life will go

And I won’t get a chance

To even glance

At everything I would love to taste


It scares me so

That I will grow

Out of being me

Before I can even see

It coming


It scares me so

That I will lose my flow

Lose what I love

And heaven above

Won’t give it back


It bugs me so

That you don’t want to know

Me before you start judging

Or even grudging

What I have


It bugs me so

That everything will go

So fast

Like a blast

If I enjoy it


It bugs me so

That you can end up so low

And it’s so much easier

Than the busier

Way to holiness


I enjoy it so

That I can throw

All of the above

Away to get lost in what I love

– In careless song and dance

Sega Beach Dance Video


‘Free spirit’

Paloma runs down Quail run, Desert Botanical G...


It’s all I need

Delicate breeze in my hair

Sunbeams on my cheeks

Light-hearted and far away

I’m so delirious today!

I’m going ahead

Where my legs take me

I don’t belong here

I don’t belong anywhere

I’m running

Shaking off the pain

No bag in hand

No money

Nothing on my mind

I break free

I don’t need you

Music is enough

To move my legs

And let my heart grow

With great passion

I want to dance

And simply forget