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‘About God’

When I look out the window

I see You in the air

In the soil and in the skies

You smile at me from the butterfly’s wings

I can hear You in the wind’s whispering

You assure me there is no hell

Your love is bigger than that

Still in my confusion I dare not believe You

Still I dare question if it’s really You

In the thunder breaking the silence

There may be no fury or anger at all

What if we start to see it as beauty and unconditional love?

Do we really need to be afraid?

Do we really have to know every single secret?

Happy those who trust

Blessed those who believe in God

Who is a friend and a loving father

Not a strict judge

‘Why do we fall in love?’


‘Why do we fall in love?’,

God was asked one day.

He sat in silence

Perturbed at what to say.

‘Love is the cleanest and simplest feeling on the Earth’,

He started with a little frown on His face.

‘It doesn’t need a reason,

Nor does it care about repercussions.

It comes unexpected

And delights people with its taste,

Making them subconsciously understand

Why I created the world and so diversified life

And put them together in the center of my heart.’