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I don’t know if I love you

What if I don’t?

I think I’m starting to love you

But what if I won’t?

I guess I want to be with you

What if I’m wrong?

I feel happy when I’m with you

What if it’s not enough even for a song?


Well I guess if I consider these things so carefully

I will never enjoy life fully

Whatever works if it feels right

To get to this conclusion we don’t need any outstanding mind

Let’s just live our lives day by day

And truly appreciate what comes our way

Let happiness be our guide to what’s right or wrong

It might as well turn out that together we do belong

‘In Search For More’

Original caption from NASA: "S103-E-5037 ...

Leaving the world with a smile on his face

Flew the spirit on the chilly winter’s embrace

‘Goodbye my tricky life

Go on with your unexpected dive

The space is waiting with its mysteries

So many roads to choose with no limits’

He knew the sweetness of blossoming trees,

The kisses of love, the pleasure he would miss

But the joys of the Earth were not enough

He wanted so much more to discover on his path

What he did – a lunacy, that’s what they called it

A mourning crowd was an illusion in not that little bit

The emptiness he did not feel anymore

When he realised he had it all in his hands, his proper lore

He left his cat, the rain and depressing fall

And then he announced, ‘’tis my final call’

‘Ticking Him Away’


I die


I try


I wonder why


I smile


I cry


I find out why


He said goodbye


Oh my


Let the rain cry


Let the sun smile


Let him try


Let the blue rose die

Wall clock


Rails, oh tempting rails

Leading your own ways

When I look at you

And the train approaching that was due

I feel the urge, oh so lunatic

To run straight ahead onto your metal sticks

I wonder if it would hurt so much

Or it would be quick and soft as a plume’s touch

I don’t want to die

Please don’t judge me in a blink of an eye

I guess I just need an adrenaline rush

Something more exciting than a high school crush

Everything around bores me, I must say

What seems like ecstasy is a simple rail

So hold me really tight when we’re at the station

Because I may just jump the moment you stop paying attention

‘The usual unusual moaning of mine’

How much longer are we gonna pretend

That we’re not living our lives second hand?

Now, would you tell me it doesn’t make sense

That I want to search for myself without defence?

And please don’t tell me you love me unconditionally

Finally admit that you would cease to if I stopped being me

Do you know if it’s me anyway?

I keep on changing and changing every day

Perhaps there is no point in my present sorrow

Why even care what’s it gonna be tomorrow?

I don’t understand what has happened to me

So happy I used to be

Now nothing seems to matter at all

Even though I’ve managed to find my goal

Maybe too positive is just not healthy

You have to be sad and confused and not so wealthy

From time to time being down is so enjoyable

There’s some sick ecstasy in it, seemingly not probable

Do you find me even more insane?

I guess I know who is to blame

Although dreamy, I sometimes get quite sceptical

At the same time I hate all that is logical

It is probably getting quite boring

Just my usual unusual moaning

One number up in my age

And so I started considering some great rage

Please don’t wonder what I really meant in here

You can instead have fun with a cup of beer

As I always say the choice is yours

But you’re already here, so you’re gonna go through it, of course


I’d like to thank a lot for the following award in the Thursday Poets Rally:

I nominate Touch 😉

‘A poem with a wink / Knowledge’

Book photographs

Books in secret nooks

I read what I need

My mind surely minds

What I take and what I make


This rhyme isn’t worth a dime

Money may make someone call you ‘honey’

But what seems worthless can as well be priceless

The choice is your voice


Knowledge can be your pledge

Feed your brain without pain

It pays dividends but not in cents

Just like experience, neither in pence


Live your life as you want to live

Give away what you want to give

Rules are for fools

Friendship is to worship


That’s what you can learn and shouldn’t burn

As simple as a pimple

If I made you think or smile and blink,

I will say this poem made my day … wink



‘I’ve had my lesson’

Faking it

I’ve been living for today

I’ve been living for tomorrow

You promised that if I make you stay

You won’t let me down in sorrow


I’ve been scheming all day long

I’ve even wished on a star

You’ve read all the signs wrong

And without a glance started the car


Now I’m living for today

I’m not living for tomorrow

With guys’ fake promises play

And cold hearts never borrow



A maggot crawling down your cheek

An owl hunting behind the window

You can’t sleep


The lights have gone off

But the world around still visible

Dreams just won’t come


The sounds so silent yet so sharp

The music’s playing in this night

No – the nightmare won’t visit either


You turn from side to side

Try to watch TV – there’s a late night fight

Eyes don’t close, they can’t


First rays appear on the horizon

The alarm clock has suddenly gone off

Oh, sweet sleep – it comes


Now you can’t wake up

‘You’re not yours’

Couch is your throne

Living room – the temple

You stare at the TV

Like into a mirror

You listen

Because they will tell you

How to live


You’re bored

You turn on the computer

What has Angelina done?

What’s up with the Jersey Shore cast?

You live their life

You judge them

They’re your friends


You open a school book

Learn by heart

Learn somebody’s opinion

Why think?

If you do, you’ll be punished,

You’ll get an F


Years pass

You don’t know who you are

Unless they tell you

You belong to a class

You work for the society

You belong to the country

You’re not yours any more


Poetry Potluck

‘My language vs. Your language’


Saying ‘yes’

Thinking ‘no’

Saying you confess

But you lie even more

Ensuring you’re gonna miss

But then you just go

Telling me that you love

But you do all the above


… Do we speak the same language?


Poetry Potluck