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‘The Awakening’

In the middle of the night so dark

The snow started falling from the sky

The sky was the colour of black coal

I woke up thinking whether I wanted him to know


I looked out the window into the depths of the world

The brilliance of the shapes deeply touched my soul

And I thought how beautiful and simple life could be

If one was born a star or a snowflake shaped so mysteriously


The night would have been a dark blanket of life

The world – indifferent in view of such short existance

Then why is it so, I sadly asked my thoughts

That I can’t choose the life I want so badly?


The night brightened as if in response

A tear froze on my cheek awaiting

For the day that was about to creep into my solitude

Gray, yet no longer black in its nature




A maggot crawling down your cheek

An owl hunting behind the window

You can’t sleep


The lights have gone off

But the world around still visible

Dreams just won’t come


The sounds so silent yet so sharp

The music’s playing in this night

No – the nightmare won’t visit either


You turn from side to side

Try to watch TV – there’s a late night fight

Eyes don’t close, they can’t


First rays appear on the horizon

The alarm clock has suddenly gone off

Oh, sweet sleep – it comes


Now you can’t wake up