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‘The Song’

A while ago someone made a proposition to me to write a song together. Neither of us has ever seen the other one’s part… Today, sitting miles away from the place where we’ve met, I’m sharing my bitter-sweet part of the song bearing in mind the beautiful memories of that time.

If I ever had known

I wouldn’t tell you

If I wanted to stay

I wouldn’t tell you

If I needed your help

I wouldn’t tell you

If you were even alone

I wouldn’t tell you


What’s the point?

We’re alone

In every moment

Life is lonely

And no

Answers were ever coming

If you want anything

You keep on going

With the last scream for help

We’re both fading slowly



I was never really taught

To breathe solely

Who could ever have known?

We all fade promptly

Point of life is unknown

No one is saying sorry

How am I to follow?

Again, I’ve blown it


What’s the point (…)


**Written to this music:



‘Ghosts of the Past’

Ghosts of the pastGhost fear

Floating on the streets of sorrow

Searching for memories

Was never easy


Misty Morning Memories

When we are so close

When your hand holds mine

I feel I am where I should be

I want to stay just like that


But time has no mercy

It runs away from us

When I realise that maybe

It’s the last time I see you, I cry


Perhaps in some other dimension

Maybe in some other universe

We’ll stay forever together

In each other’s arms


So when I look at the place where we were standing

Where we were dancing far from apart

I smile and hope that ‘maybe’

Turns out to be ‘in fact’