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‘The sorrow can only fall asleep’

One more tear I will shed

One more glass of champagne I won’t have

As I will drink wine instead


When will this sorrow go away?

When will this memory find its way

Out of my head?


A song of madness

Sung in shadows, hiding from the lights

Strong feelings may never actually die

Tempranillo varietal wine bottle and glass, sh...


Misty Morning Memories

When we are so close

When your hand holds mine

I feel I am where I should be

I want to stay just like that


But time has no mercy

It runs away from us

When I realise that maybe

It’s the last time I see you, I cry


Perhaps in some other dimension

Maybe in some other universe

We’ll stay forever together

In each other’s arms


So when I look at the place where we were standing

Where we were dancing far from apart

I smile and hope that ‘maybe’

Turns out to be ‘in fact’