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‘Muses come instead of sleep’

Fairy – "Take the Fair Face of Woman"...

Yesterday I was hoping for some sleep

But the muse came and took the lead.

She took me to the land of ambrosia,

Of milk and honey, sweet scents.

She filled my mind with reveries

Instead of thoughts of the day.

She took my hand with gentle grasp

And gave me a pen decorated with wild feathers.

Then one plume fell onto the ground,

The flower of fern grew on the floor

And despite the calmness of the weather

I couldn’t fall asleep any more.

‘Recipe for the best art’

Almanach des Muses 1767

Broken heart

Is the best poet


Are the noble ink


– The most precious paper

Fallen angel

– The golden muse

And so I gather my lovely weapons

Come together my wings of feathers

Cause I know that from the art you get all the best

When strong feelings burst open your chest