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‘I know’

I know

You’ve already forgotten

How our fingers met

The touch so soft, like rose petals

How our bodies moved to the same rhythm

How your heart was beating

When I laid my head on your chest


I know

That you don’t care

You don’t need to see me

Ever again

You’re good with the attention

Provided by all those other girls


I know

Those memories are just the past

And you never wanted us to last

You prefer to have your freedom

And have fun all your life

I would be a burden for you, I know that


Even though I know

Even though I know all of that

I still can’t stop my mind from thinking

About what you’re up to now

I still can’t stop my heart from pounding

When I see somebody alike

I still can’t stop my┬ábody from wanting

To be close to yours

I still can’t stop my lips from desiring

A kiss that never happened at all







Please release me

I’m begging you to let me go


‘Ticking Him Away’


I die


I try


I wonder why


I smile


I cry


I find out why


He said goodbye


Oh my


Let the rain cry


Let the sun smile


Let him try


Let the blue rose die

Wall clock


Sometimes I feel like a puppet

Bleached and worn

Without emotions

Willing to die

To be thrown away onto a dusty attic

At least hidden

Under piles of forgotten clutter

I wouldn’t hear their shouting

‘Life Will Go On’


Tears running down my cheeks

My heart pounding full of sorrow

My ears tired of screams

Will it be the same tomorrow?

Yes, tomorrow the same story

All over again

My head splitting

And my soul blackened with pain

Still I manage to keep my head lifted

Still, I put on a bonnet with a smile

Life will go on no matter what

I let my heart forget with a single note

I let it flow with my pen

I keep myself alive with my passions

I guess I am a strong person

Don’t blame me for that

‘It’s just life’

Rain drops on a window

We are so fragile

Though we pretend to be strong

We try to love

We try to fight

We try to be happy

And live the life all right

But still we get lost

We’re left alone

Exposed to pain

Life seems unfair

Days seem to run away

Leaving us to feel like passengers late for a train

Sometimes it’s even hard to wake up

And face the world behind the window

Rain pouring…

Phone ringing…

Tears falling…

Work waiting…

The hardest part?

– Not knowing what’s next

‘Everything for nothing’

My soul is bleeding

All I see is blood

All I see is pain

Did they have to do that?

All I feel is sorrow

All I know is evil

Don’t want to care any more

Don’t want my feelings any more

I could sell them for one pound

You can hit me, I don’t feel it

You can tell a million lies

All I’ve been through burnt my soul

And there’s no coming back

Cause the ashes won’t unburn

Cause what’s said can’t be unsaid

Don’t want to see what I’m seeing

I’d rather be blind, it won’t hurt

There’s no solution to the issue

There’s no point looking back

There’s no point looking ahead

Cause all you’ll see will be a lie

Will never understand how they cause pain

How they each other hate

How the hatred can come from the inside

More sincere than love

Million tears above them floating

Million shadows dark as coal

No more smiles until they’re hurting

No more family without death