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‘The world’s loneliness’


How can we be so lonely

In the arms of the world?

How can we shout for attention

And be left unheard?

How can we hold somebody so tenderly

And be pushed away?

How can we be such sensitive souls

In the army of tough soldiers?

How can we all be alone

If all we need is a friend?

The world is so cold, sad and empty

When there’s no one to share.

If only we could be both strong and delicate

And with a song attract the sincere one left.

‘The Other’

What is hiding behind an empty tear?

What is hiding behind it?

Behind the curtain of dark hair

Behind the eyes that seem to repel

The feeling buried in the heart somewhere?

What memories bother this mind,

This soul which you find

So unfriendly and not worth your might?

Is he a hidden rebel

Fighting against the world

Which doesn’t want to accept him?

Or is he a sensitive soul

Lost in the universe

Between all the world’s evil?

Too weak,

Is he too weak?

Or are we?

Are we too weak,

Too self – centered,

Too egoistic

To spend some of our precious time

And get to know the other person?


‘The Consequence’

Minds that know


Eyes that watch

Mouths that blame

Fingers that point

Heads that turn

And memories that remain

Don’t let you forget

‘If you asked me…’

If you asked me why do I dance

Without a glance

I would tell you I’ve had a bad romance


If you asked me why do I sing

Without a blink

I would tell you there’s nothing left to bring


If you asked me why do I hum

Like a drum

I would tell you I have to cram


If you asked me why do I run

With a gun

I would tell you I’m having fun


If you asked me why do I play

With your day

I would tell you: ‘what can I say?’


But what I know

Is that you won’t show

Any interest’s flow

‘Reality in Abstraction/The Art and the World’

New city

The rock on the wall

The clock on the road

Who bites into a roll

Fights in the war

The heart is the core

Of our eternal lore

Guts may be spoiled

Clouds on the board

Drawn to explore

The art to the core

What’s gone

Will be gone

What’s wrong

Will be questioned

The world writes its words

Just how it wants

Gives new meanings to words

Borders to be withdrawn

Promises to be short

Siblings to be shot

What’s more to be born

Among artists’ dying lot?

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