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We travel the world

We make plans

We hope

That if we achieve this and that

Our happiness will finally be a fact


We let ourselves be fooled

By the promises of everlasting beauty

By the temptation of easy money

And physical reveries fulfilled

With a touch of a magic wand


We surround ourselves with envy

With dreams of servants and palaces

We look down on people

Who go through life

With no such desires


The only thing we miss

In this picture of a perfect life

Is the happiness which lingers not

Somewhere in a faraway land

But the closest it could possibly be – deep inside our hearts



Snowflake 1

In a careless whisper

In the ticking of a clock

In the fastest heartbeat

In the wind’s blow


There is something magnificent

If you listen carefully

Life begins to make sense

There’s more color to it


In a random observation

Of the world outside

In the falling of the leaves

In a graceful dance of a cat


I notice something

And wonder if it is insanity

I notice myself

What a strange magic


In the feel of snowflakes

Falling onto my cheeks

In the touch of cushion

Early in the morning


I can sense your presence

Barely recognizable

Something you cannot feel

If you don’t reach for inexplicable


In the taste of aromatic coffee

Before a hard day

In the piece of chocolate

Melting on my lips


There comes experience

Of yet another sense

How wonderful world could prove

If you pay attention to every detail and little piece

‘Recipe for happiness’

(with special, long-awaited dedication for MK;))

Let’s get crazy

Because life is so short

Come jump around and shout

We’re gonna live for tonight!

Forget about all the matters

Let’s get lost in a dance!

Take my hand and don’t say it

Not to spoil the great fun

Let’s get low!

Let’s get high!

Let’s run away and hide

We’re gonna mess around

And look for excitement in life

The world is too small

We’ll be leaving in short

But before we go let’s get the most of our lives

Boredom? routine? – absolutely not for us

Saying yes? – you pass…

‘Unnecessary feelings’

Longing for peace

Longing for hope

Longing for truth

Longing for love

Why not stop it?

Why not forget

The feeling there’s something you want to get?

Better move on

Better accept

Your fate as it is

On this unfair world

Then maybe you’ll succeed

In realizing your dreams

Life is full of surprises

Be ready for this!