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We travel the world

We make plans

We hope

That if we achieve this and that

Our happiness will finally be a fact


We let ourselves be fooled

By the promises of everlasting beauty

By the temptation of easy money

And physical reveries fulfilled

With a touch of a magic wand


We surround ourselves with envy

With dreams of servants and palaces

We look down on people

Who go through life

With no such desires


The only thing we miss

In this picture of a perfect life

Is the happiness which lingers not

Somewhere in a faraway land

But the closest it could possibly be – deep inside our hearts



When a thunder broke the sunny day in half,

I was dreaming with my eyes fixed on the empty sky.

Oh, was it empty when I’ve fallen asleep,

Now dark carpet covered it.

The anxiety came with the colour of deep blue,

My dreams clouded with nightmarish glow,

The depth of the soul uncovered sharply,

Found myself begging for mercy of the black king

‘Oh Lord, bring back the sweetness of a thought!’

My dream – a nightmare,

Emptiness filled with pain

Of a heart longing for answers,

For questions not to remain.

Suddenly the wind blew taking a page away.

The page of the book of life danced its way to the grave.

In the muddy puddle the words were lost,

Never to be rediscovered,

Never to be written again.

‘Oh, dear Lord, is that what I was heading for?’

Still no secrets uncovered,

I’m standing in the middle of a storm.

‘In Search For More’

Original caption from NASA: "S103-E-5037 ...

Leaving the world with a smile on his face

Flew the spirit on the chilly winter’s embrace

‘Goodbye my tricky life

Go on with your unexpected dive

The space is waiting with its mysteries

So many roads to choose with no limits’

He knew the sweetness of blossoming trees,

The kisses of love, the pleasure he would miss

But the joys of the Earth were not enough

He wanted so much more to discover on his path

What he did – a lunacy, that’s what they called it

A mourning crowd was an illusion in not that little bit

The emptiness he did not feel anymore

When he realised he had it all in his hands, his proper lore

He left his cat, the rain and depressing fall

And then he announced, ‘’tis my final call’

‘Life Will Go On’


Tears running down my cheeks

My heart pounding full of sorrow

My ears tired of screams

Will it be the same tomorrow?

Yes, tomorrow the same story

All over again

My head splitting

And my soul blackened with pain

Still I manage to keep my head lifted

Still, I put on a bonnet with a smile

Life will go on no matter what

I let my heart forget with a single note

I let it flow with my pen

I keep myself alive with my passions

I guess I am a strong person

Don’t blame me for that

‘ ‘Tis what you seek’

purple flowering tree.jpg

Dance between the lights

Dance between the trees

Dancing in the darkness

Dancing with the leaves


Falling on my cheeks

Little purple flowers

I’m surrounded by the power

Of their sheer beauty


Singing to remember

Singing to forget

Moments that blacken my soul

And make me regret


The secret’s in the smiles

And in hugging the world lovingly

Love yourself and respect your body

Cherish the life as it is


Fight for your dreams

And believe in a victory

Dance and sing along the way

What you’ll find is what you seek



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For this week I’d like to nominate Julian Javier 😉


I’m sitting in the empty room


I am in a class at school


Silence too in a forest

Silence in the night

It means fear

It means stress

Silence means rest

Silence means dreams

And calmly lifting chest

It’s always so different

Always brings another sound

A bittersweet song of silence

It’s honey for our hearts!


Do You Still Dream?

When the morphine of your love fills my veins

And sweet scent of myrrh caresses my nostrils

My eyes close in the myriad of dying sunbeams

And my mind knows it is the time for it to be a guide

Helplessly drifting through lonely streets

Hanging on every pleasant thought

With a thousand colors and dreams around me

I’d do anything to be permitted to stay

But reality wakes me all over again

And reality shows me it’s always the same

The reality scares me in its cold disdain

Still I keep on finding my way back

I sail away and dream of my perfect land

So come and sleep

Come and dream

With me, oh dream

The world can always wait


Not even sure who I have been

A stranger is now the person I was

Open in my closure I admit

That she is dead and I am alive


Soon I will find that memories and thoughts

May still linger somewhere inside

But what are they? – meaningless crap

Piled up in somebody else’s mind


And maybe the person that I am

Will someday die as well

Just to give life to a new

Creature of its kind


So if my mind keeps on changing

And twisting at times

If my heart’s pounding seems different every time

Then how can I guess and realise the truth about

Who or what am I?

Poetry Potluck


This mind is sick…

This mind is twisted…

It sees…


– A hand – bony

My own?


– Blood – tawny

Whose own?


– The vision – blurry

Means what?


– The thoughts – scary

So what?

The crime commited by each of us

Although in mind, once or twice

Could one day give birth to an actual act

Which will posion your mind and life