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‘A Non-existent Poem’


I am not


What I see,

What I feel,

What I think

Does not exist.


Clouds our minds,

Clouds our eyes,

Clouds our hearts.

Each of us

Has a distinct vision

Of what there is,

It’s never the same.

It does not exist.

We are

Creating our own stories,

Creating our own worlds,

Creating ourselves.

‘Inspiration vs. Reality’

The drunk writer, The inspired writer - (OO365...
The thought is fleeting

The mind is bigger than corpse

The passion is painful

The dive is scary


Yet knowledge is eye-opening

And talent requires feeding

Silence is glorious

And company can be distracting


Reality is unreal

It is formed by our minds

The time passes still

As we keep on loading our clocks


Inspiration hurts

You can only write

Your vision is blurred

There’s no peace of mind


The soul flees through the pen

Into the page it flies

Whether it’s midnight or day

Your choices are sliced


lost in thought

Floating in the sea of helplessness

Among the biterness of nothingness

Within the routines and faces touched by sadness

Carried away in the fate’s darkness

Pondering over world’s unfairness

Searching for the promised brightness

And the unlikely happiness

Hoping for some kind of loneliness

But you’re never alone in your human weakness

The minutes run away into nothingness

You’re left with less and less time before death, drowning deeper into hopelessness

‘Reality against childhood dreams’

Where are those dreams?

Those dreams that you’ve dreamt

Of beauty and success,

Of exotic fragrances and happiness?


Where are those promises

Made under cherry trees

Of eternal love and pleasures unmissed,

Of perfect moments, forever in oasis?


Where are those hopes

Cherished since childhood years

For world waiting with open arms

And for realized ambitions?


Where is it all now?

You creep behind the rainbow

Just to find out there’s nothing there

Except for blackness, disappointment and pain

‘What is really real?’

How do you know the sky is blue?

How do you know he loves you too?

How do you know honey is sweet?

How do you know how long is this street?

How do you know what’s wrong or right?

How do you know you hear them fight?

How do you know your life is not an illusion?

How do you know what it means ‘confusion’?

How do you know you’re not a mere thought

Or a dream that may not mean a lot?

You may say you see it, you feel it, taste it or hear

But nobody knows what is really real

‘Reality and Love’

A moment of hesitation

A deep relation

Between two people on their own

Struggling to be together

Struggling to stay forever

This way

Little wings

Delicate strings

Sent from heaven above

Invisibly connecting

Watching and wanting

To conceal the painful truth

To control their actions

By little golden fractions

Spread around them

Their eyes closed for the evil

Love doesn’t care to reveal

The actual reality