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‘If you asked me…’

If you asked me why do I dance

Without a glance

I would tell you I’ve had a bad romance


If you asked me why do I sing

Without a blink

I would tell you there’s nothing left to bring


If you asked me why do I hum

Like a drum

I would tell you I have to cram


If you asked me why do I run

With a gun

I would tell you I’m having fun


If you asked me why do I play

With your day

I would tell you: ‘what can I say?’


But what I know

Is that you won’t show

Any interest’s flow


Not even sure who I have been

A stranger is now the person I was

Open in my closure I admit

That she is dead and I am alive


Soon I will find that memories and thoughts

May still linger somewhere inside

But what are they? – meaningless crap

Piled up in somebody else’s mind


And maybe the person that I am

Will someday die as well

Just to give life to a new

Creature of its kind


So if my mind keeps on changing

And twisting at times

If my heart’s pounding seems different every time

Then how can I guess and realise the truth about

Who or what am I?

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