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‘I know’

I know

You’ve already forgotten

How our fingers met

The touch so soft, like rose petals

How our bodies moved to the same rhythm

How your heart was beating

When I laid my head on your chest


I know

That you don’t care

You don’t need to see me

Ever again

You’re good with the attention

Provided by all those other girls


I know

Those memories are just the past

And you never wanted us to last

You prefer to have your freedom

And have fun all your life

I would be a burden for you, I know that


Even though I know

Even though I know all of that

I still can’t stop my mind from thinking

About what you’re up to now

I still can’t stop my heart from pounding

When I see somebody alike

I still can’t stop my body from wanting

To be close to yours

I still can’t stop my lips from desiring

A kiss that never happened at all







Please release me

I’m begging you to let me go

‘That Day’

Orange Skies

That day the snow was falling from the orange sky

As I was reminiscing our last goodbye

The sky turned from orange to dark blue

And I knew there might never be just us two

But the hope lingered in my heart deep down

Even though I was to soon leave this town

If one look into each other’s eyes

If one little glance makes me feel as if my soul was sliced

Then I bother say that this is one true love

I don’t even need any more signs from above

Cause I’ve tried to forget you so many times

That I guess I have to stop it before I run out of rhymes

I’ll just have to let go and leave this to our fate

To solve this mystery on life’s debate

For now I decide that if I can’t have you

I’ll give all my heart and soul to

The only true love that’s left in this world for me

My lovely art and poetry – that would be!

‘Water vs. Fire’

Water on Fire


Such pure water

Warm and sincere

Sweet and charming

Harmony providing

With delicate touch

Caressing me dearly

I feel your love

I love the space you’re giving me

I was ready to let it go for you

But then…



Then came the fire

Flirtatious and breath-taking

Strong and sensual

Turning me on

Holding me forcefully

In his strong arms

I feel crazy about him

Don’t know if it’s love

I feel so insecure

Being with him

There’s no trust

I would give to him

But the attraction

Is so disruptive

But then…


Can I handle it?

Can I handle the choice?

Water so loving

Fire so tempting

But then…


Then water betrays me

And on fire I can suddenly count

Can I trust my judgement anymore?

What a strange disguise!

Water mixes with fire

Fire gets distinguished


Grand confusion

– That’s what is left

Help me in this anxious state

Help me before I drown!

‘New Day’ – Part 3/3

Ann heard about John’s departure through a mutual friend. Kelly knew about her best friend’s obsession for the man and she hoped that it will end with these news.

“Hardly anyone comes back from war these days. I’m sorry to say this but it’s all lost,” she expressed her opinion with great compassion. “You should find yourself some nice guy who will really deserve you. Don’t you remember that he didn’t even want to go out with you?”

But Ann didn’t listen. Deep in her heart she knew that her feelings were true. She remembered the pain she saw in John’s eyes when he rejected her proposal. There must be some explanation why he did this! She felt confused, powerless, almost angry. She decided to do one last thing to save this love.  She went home, sat down and wrote one short letter:

“Dear John,

Please meet me before you go. I know you said you didn’t want to, but I just want to tell you something important. It won’t take more than 5 minutes and then we’ll both go our separate ways.



Ann’s mother looked at her little girl. She wasn’t so little any more but still so naïve. Her heart was breaking when she thought of how her daughter was suffering, but she didn’t have the courage to tell her what she had heard in the neighbourhood. The people were saying that the man, her daughter was apparently waiting for to show up, had already left few hours earlier. She wasn’t sure whether Ann was aware of that or not, but the persistence with which she was gazing at that window suggested that she certainly didn’t believe that to be true.

John had been lying in the dust for a few hours now. His lips were dry and he knew that the death was coming to take him. Was it the end he dreamed of for himself? He couldn’t really answer that but he felt that he didn’t do everything he should have in his short life. Suddenly, a silhouette appeared in the distance, brutally pulling him out of his thoughts. Maybe there was still a chance? He struggled to lift his hand and let out a silent cry for help. The silhouette seemed to grow bigger and bigger in his eyes. In a moment, he saw two small feet right next to his mouth and the person kneeled down showing her face. The shock mixed with anxiety and ecstasy. He felt as if something stroke his heart.

“Is this….,” his last words poured out of his mouth as his soul drifted out of his tortured body.

Ann felt a sudden strike in her heart. She looked at the orange sky. Snow was falling, whiter and more beautiful than ever.

“Well,” she announced, finally turning away from the window with a half-smile. “I guess tomorrow is a new day.”



Deep inside your eyes

You’re calling my name

But it sounds like a frantic cry



It fills my whole heart

I peer down to look for you

But no space there seems occupied



In your words when you look back

And reach for my hand

Which was never yours in fact



Is what we feel for each other

A strange transparent glue

Which never worked and never will



Is something we have still to find

But it never will be in between us

So let us peacefully fall apart

English: Wide, boggy glen Not the most interes...


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‘Ticking Him Away’


I die


I try


I wonder why


I smile


I cry


I find out why


He said goodbye


Oh my


Let the rain cry


Let the sun smile


Let him try


Let the blue rose die

Wall clock

‘I’ve had my lesson’

Faking it

I’ve been living for today

I’ve been living for tomorrow

You promised that if I make you stay

You won’t let me down in sorrow


I’ve been scheming all day long

I’ve even wished on a star

You’ve read all the signs wrong

And without a glance started the car


Now I’m living for today

I’m not living for tomorrow

With guys’ fake promises play

And cold hearts never borrow

‘Stripped of all my pride’

Stripped of all my pride

Bright pink/purple flower shot with lensbaby muse

I humbly gaze down

To see what caused my pain


Stripped of all my pride

I don’t know why

In your arms I melted away


Stripped of all my pride

I’ve gone too far

And I’ve got nowhere left to stay


Stripped of all my pride

I’ve given you too much

And so you walked away


Stripped of all my pride

I’m giving up

Because I can never win this game


Stripped of all my pride

I turn to write

And cry my troubles away


Misty Morning Memories

When we are so close

When your hand holds mine

I feel I am where I should be

I want to stay just like that


But time has no mercy

It runs away from us

When I realise that maybe

It’s the last time I see you, I cry


Perhaps in some other dimension

Maybe in some other universe

We’ll stay forever together

In each other’s arms


So when I look at the place where we were standing

Where we were dancing far from apart

I smile and hope that ‘maybe’

Turns out to be ‘in fact’

‘Our long story has finished’

It’s been so long
I can’t say you did me wrong
You just failed to realise
That it was you I’ve been looking for in the skies

It’s been too long
We’ve never admitted that together we belong
The dances we have danced
And at each other have secretly glanced

Was it meant to last that long?
Now I’m singing for you the last song
I guess I have to move on
And for the new love will be reborn

We never said ‘goodbye’
We’ll never find out why
We’ve never even been together
And that’s the way it will stay forever

Sun will still come up when it’s May
Other people will make my day
And the feeling will eventually fade away
Like tears that have fallen in the rain

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