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‘Young Love’


My heart is pounding

Faster and faster

Whenever I see your name

It’s a disaster!

I hold my breath

And close my eyes

I trust you more than myself

I feel as if hung somewhere in the skies

Will you catch me

If I fall?

Your smile says ‘yes’

This love is wonderful!

‘The Summer Of Love’

the beach of Guincho, west coast of Portugal

Warm sunbeams on our faces

There are so many places

We’d like to visit together

Our feelings seem to last forever

On the golden sands of Portugal

Beside its eternal

Mysterious cliffs; like ramblers in deep thought

We watch our souls being caught

Into the love’s treacherous net

Now that our hearts have finally met

There are only two options left:

Connecting or theft

‘My language vs. Your language’


Saying ‘yes’

Thinking ‘no’

Saying you confess

But you lie even more

Ensuring you’re gonna miss

But then you just go

Telling me that you love

But you do all the above


… Do we speak the same language?


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