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I don’t know if I love you

What if I don’t?

I think I’m starting to love you

But what if I won’t?

I guess I want to be with you

What if I’m wrong?

I feel happy when I’m with you

What if it’s not enough even for a song?


Well I guess if I consider these things so carefully

I will never enjoy life fully

Whatever works if it feels right

To get to this conclusion we don’t need any outstanding mind

Let’s just live our lives day by day

And truly appreciate what comes our way

Let happiness be our guide to what’s right or wrong

It might as well turn out that together we do belong


‘The usual unusual moaning of mine’

How much longer are we gonna pretend

That we’re not living our lives second hand?

Now, would you tell me it doesn’t make sense

That I want to search for myself without defence?

And please don’t tell me you love me unconditionally

Finally admit that you would cease to if I stopped being me

Do you know if it’s me anyway?

I keep on changing and changing every day

Perhaps there is no point in my present sorrow

Why even care what’s it gonna be tomorrow?

I don’t understand what has happened to me

So happy I used to be

Now nothing seems to matter at all

Even though I’ve managed to find my goal

Maybe too positive is just not healthy

You have to be sad and confused and not so wealthy

From time to time being down is so enjoyable

There’s some sick ecstasy in it, seemingly not probable

Do you find me even more insane?

I guess I know who is to blame

Although dreamy, I sometimes get quite sceptical

At the same time I hate all that is logical

It is probably getting quite boring

Just my usual unusual moaning

One number up in my age

And so I started considering some great rage

Please don’t wonder what I really meant in here

You can instead have fun with a cup of beer

As I always say the choice is yours

But you’re already here, so you’re gonna go through it, of course


I’d like to thank a lot for the following award in the Thursday Poets Rally:

I nominate Touch 😉

‘The Summer Of Love’

the beach of Guincho, west coast of Portugal

Warm sunbeams on our faces

There are so many places

We’d like to visit together

Our feelings seem to last forever

On the golden sands of Portugal

Beside its eternal

Mysterious cliffs; like ramblers in deep thought

We watch our souls being caught

Into the love’s treacherous net

Now that our hearts have finally met

There are only two options left:

Connecting or theft