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‘That Day’

Orange Skies

That day the snow was falling from the orange sky

As I was reminiscing our last goodbye

The sky turned from orange to dark blue

And I knew there might never be just us two

But the hope lingered in my heart deep down

Even though I was to soon leave this town

If one look into each other’s eyes

If one little glance makes me feel as if my soul was sliced

Then I bother say that this is one true love

I don’t even need any more signs from above

Cause I’ve tried to forget you so many times

That I guess I have to stop it before I run out of rhymes

I’ll just have to let go and leave this to our fate

To solve this mystery on life’s debate

For now I decide that if I can’t have you

I’ll give all my heart and soul to

The only true love that’s left in this world for me

My lovely art and poetry – that would be!

‘Kiss of Death’

If you kiss her

El bes de la mort - The kiss of death - El bes...

Don’t be surprised

By the approaching darkness of the skies

Something evil is looming

The sweetness of those lips so consuming

A taste of sour cherry

The temptation you can’t resist

But beware

And don’t say you haven’t been warned

When you give death a kiss

‘New Day’ – Part 3/3

Ann heard about John’s departure through a mutual friend. Kelly knew about her best friend’s obsession for the man and she hoped that it will end with these news.

“Hardly anyone comes back from war these days. I’m sorry to say this but it’s all lost,” she expressed her opinion with great compassion. “You should find yourself some nice guy who will really deserve you. Don’t you remember that he didn’t even want to go out with you?”

But Ann didn’t listen. Deep in her heart she knew that her feelings were true. She remembered the pain she saw in John’s eyes when he rejected her proposal. There must be some explanation why he did this! She felt confused, powerless, almost angry. She decided to do one last thing to save this love.  She went home, sat down and wrote one short letter:

“Dear John,

Please meet me before you go. I know you said you didn’t want to, but I just want to tell you something important. It won’t take more than 5 minutes and then we’ll both go our separate ways.



Ann’s mother looked at her little girl. She wasn’t so little any more but still so naïve. Her heart was breaking when she thought of how her daughter was suffering, but she didn’t have the courage to tell her what she had heard in the neighbourhood. The people were saying that the man, her daughter was apparently waiting for to show up, had already left few hours earlier. She wasn’t sure whether Ann was aware of that or not, but the persistence with which she was gazing at that window suggested that she certainly didn’t believe that to be true.

John had been lying in the dust for a few hours now. His lips were dry and he knew that the death was coming to take him. Was it the end he dreamed of for himself? He couldn’t really answer that but he felt that he didn’t do everything he should have in his short life. Suddenly, a silhouette appeared in the distance, brutally pulling him out of his thoughts. Maybe there was still a chance? He struggled to lift his hand and let out a silent cry for help. The silhouette seemed to grow bigger and bigger in his eyes. In a moment, he saw two small feet right next to his mouth and the person kneeled down showing her face. The shock mixed with anxiety and ecstasy. He felt as if something stroke his heart.

“Is this….,” his last words poured out of his mouth as his soul drifted out of his tortured body.

Ann felt a sudden strike in her heart. She looked at the orange sky. Snow was falling, whiter and more beautiful than ever.

“Well,” she announced, finally turning away from the window with a half-smile. “I guess tomorrow is a new day.”

‘Lonely Souls’


We are the lonely souls

Wandering through dirty roads of life

Unsure of our destinies, we walk unsteadily

Searching for arms that will hold us tight enough

Unable to call out

We shyly hide from each other

Stealing time to get closer

And then falling apart again and again

Too frightened to ask if it’s real

Or if it’s just another mistake

Watching past heartbreakes from a distance

We compare

Our minds start to consider

When they just shouldn’t care


We are the lonely souls

Searching for what we could never find

Slowly getting further and further

Our chances for survival weakening every second

Until they fade away and we realize

It’s me and you again

– Not us

‘The Girl’s Dream / Perfect Love’


If you told me that my eyes shine brighter than stars on the night sky

And my lips are sweeter than the best cherry pie,

If you held my face in your strong hands

And looked at me as though on me it all depends,

If your lips formed a smile every time you thought of me

And if you promised just there to be,

If you whispered two words like you meant them

And kissed me delicately instead of giving me a gem,

I would know that one thing, believe that it’s true,

I would know that my heart belongs to you.



I’d like to thank for the following award from the Thursday Poets Rally:

I nominate Kick Out the Jams 🙂

‘If you asked me…’

If you asked me why do I dance

Without a glance

I would tell you I’ve had a bad romance


If you asked me why do I sing

Without a blink

I would tell you there’s nothing left to bring


If you asked me why do I hum

Like a drum

I would tell you I have to cram


If you asked me why do I run

With a gun

I would tell you I’m having fun


If you asked me why do I play

With your day

I would tell you: ‘what can I say?’


But what I know

Is that you won’t show

Any interest’s flow

‘I turn to moon too soon’

The Moon was but a Chin of Gold

My world does not finish on you

Now I know what I should do


Though the sky may still be blue

Though my love may have been true

I can’t

I can’t keep on accepting that you

Never really had a clue

About love

Yes, you know who I’m talking to

I’ll never again think about you

That’s it

My patience finished before came hot June

My eyes turn to stare at the moon

I love it

Blue roses in its light bloom

I will reach it very soon

It will never turn me down

And you will stay in my memory as a cartoon

Which will be lost in my heart’s doom

Goodbye … too soon …

‘Why do we fall in love?’


‘Why do we fall in love?’,

God was asked one day.

He sat in silence

Perturbed at what to say.

‘Love is the cleanest and simplest feeling on the Earth’,

He started with a little frown on His face.

‘It doesn’t need a reason,

Nor does it care about repercussions.

It comes unexpected

And delights people with its taste,

Making them subconsciously understand

Why I created the world and so diversified life

And put them together in the center of my heart.’

‘Blue rose’

An artificially coloured rose. A white rose is...


Magically glimmering

Dark blue eyes in the night

The proof of a different love

The proof of hidden desire

You never know what to expect

You never know what’s the secret of its heart

Shining in the mysterious moonlight

The blue rose of our love

‘The moment for love’

A sweet whisper ‘goodbye’.

Prairie Grass & Sun

One look in the eye.

Forget the future

As well as the past.

This one moment,

Let it last.

What’s the point in worrying

How we will live

Separated on cold winter evenings,

When the sun is still shining so brightly in the sky

Bringing peace and delightment into our hearts?

Let’s get lost in the rhythm of the light morning breeze,

And fully enjoy the feeling of grass under our feet.

Let’s fall in love forgetting all mistakes.

Just once again before the lightning breaks

The comfortable silence

Of our reunited souls.