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When a thunder broke the sunny day in half,

I was dreaming with my eyes fixed on the empty sky.

Oh, was it empty when I’ve fallen asleep,

Now dark carpet covered it.

The anxiety came with the colour of deep blue,

My dreams clouded with nightmarish glow,

The depth of the soul uncovered sharply,

Found myself begging for mercy of the black king

‘Oh Lord, bring back the sweetness of a thought!’

My dream – a nightmare,

Emptiness filled with pain

Of a heart longing for answers,

For questions not to remain.

Suddenly the wind blew taking a page away.

The page of the book of life danced its way to the grave.

In the muddy puddle the words were lost,

Never to be rediscovered,

Never to be written again.

‘Oh, dear Lord, is that what I was heading for?’

Still no secrets uncovered,

I’m standing in the middle of a storm.

‘At the River Bank’

A delicate figure

Lying with her eyes open

Eyes once full of light

Now full of watery images


On the bank of a river

Hidden behind the ever-growing bushes

She lies lost in half sleep

A mysterious man kneeling by her side


A secret is hidden forever

In her mouth that will never matter a word again

In his fist that cries with remorse

And in the wind’s silent blow

That will carry their thoughts away