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Just like Buddhists singing mantra

Just like flowers blossoming in spring

I’m looking for my harmony

Just like jazz singer in a niche club

Just like dancing rumba near the sea

I’ve found my perfect harmony

With a yoga practice in the early morning

With all worries forgotten and left behind

My harmony was finally found

With nothing that can break it

With my mind peaceful and my soul free

I fly away in my lovely harmony

Buddha, Kamakura, Japan

‘To Spring’

purple crocuses with closed bloom

Spring, please come

I am freezing on my own

The lack of sun makes me depressed

Under dark clouds I can’t peacefully rest


Spring, please come

In this pain I’m not alone

Every living creature is waiting here for you

It all rises up in warm welcome, it’s true


Spring, please come

Oh, will you?

I need brightness, colours and good mood

Spring! I’ve done everything that I could…