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English: Soldier of Polish infantry 1939 Polsk...

A soldier faces the enemy


He never gives up

Snow falling onto his hair

His feet bleeding

Still he walks ahead

He sees his aim

Heading for pain

He walks steadily

He fights

He is conscious of his power

Or maybe this consciousness gives him power

He knows it

He has to be strong

He has to move forward

He can’t lose

He won’t let himself

A soldier knows life

A soldier knows battle

Because life is a battle

A battle to win or lose

A soldier makes the right choice

‘The Life’s Road’

hole in her eyes

heavy stones

watching mountains

from behind


steep slopes

raining tears and sweat

he’s strong

he’s the man


gentle whispers

calling for understanding


no heart like this one


careless moments

memories never recalled

she wants to feel her blood

dropping onto the path


a motionless desert

heat radiating

no water left

for the lonely shepherd


shapeless figures

emotions unfigured

stop thinking

go on


the road ahead

signs misread

walking into the ocean

of dreams so passionate


poisoned with knowing

and sounds of steel

beaten, still he gets up

his mindset unchanged

English: Leaving traces on soft sand dunes in ...


I’d like to thank for the following award from Thursday Poets Rally Week 72:

I nominate paperplane project!

‘Like the wind’

strong wind from south blowing the snow over H...

Lying in my bed

Listening to the wind blowing

So strong

So fearless


Sweeping off everything on its way

Sweeping off the sand

Sweeping off the leaves

Sweeping off the trash


Now the pain gets swept too

Can you feel it? – the fear as well

Now emotions tremble

Taking the last breath


Put aside the weakness

Forget about the past

What lowers your confidence

Don’t let it last


Be like the wind

Own its courage and strength

Everybody who’s on your way

Just blow them away!

‘Life Will Go On’


Tears running down my cheeks

My heart pounding full of sorrow

My ears tired of screams

Will it be the same tomorrow?

Yes, tomorrow the same story

All over again

My head splitting

And my soul blackened with pain

Still I manage to keep my head lifted

Still, I put on a bonnet with a smile

Life will go on no matter what

I let my heart forget with a single note

I let it flow with my pen

I keep myself alive with my passions

I guess I am a strong person

Don’t blame me for that