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‘Golden Tears’

The DREAMS are MADE OF Heart Necklace

If you had the power to change tears into gold,

You could change mine into a golden mine.

Piece by piece you would pick up parts of a treasure

Which would carry the sadness inside.

Every woman that would receive jewellery

Would start to cry instead of a thankful smile,

Because what could a heavy golden necklace

Tell about true love?

Which is light and beautiful when platonic,

It has its charm when untouched,

So innocent yet painful,

Like tears that left trace on my pillow

To make me remember the past.

‘Life Will Go On’


Tears running down my cheeks

My heart pounding full of sorrow

My ears tired of screams

Will it be the same tomorrow?

Yes, tomorrow the same story

All over again

My head splitting

And my soul blackened with pain

Still I manage to keep my head lifted

Still, I put on a bonnet with a smile

Life will go on no matter what

I let my heart forget with a single note

I let it flow with my pen

I keep myself alive with my passions

I guess I am a strong person

Don’t blame me for that