Monthly Archives: November 2009

‘What is there left?’

What is there left

For a poor girl

Forgotten by whole world?

Sobering at night,

Switching on an artificial smile by day.

But who cares?

Who cares, I ask.

Will anybody be sorry if she disappeares?

Will anybody notice?

Cry, cry

The tears falling down

Like rain

Like a waterfall.

Die, die

He’ll never know,

He’ll never find out.

‘Soul of a poet’

Close, closer,

It’s coming,

Dragging its victims,

Holding out its bloody hands.

Mental and emotional,

Scary, yet wonderful

The dark soul of a poet.

‘What are we?’

What are we?

Mere creatures of civilisation.

What are we?

Without dreams or affection.

What are we?

The great destroyers of God’s creation.

What are we?

Without love or attention.

What are we?

Most personally, not the whole generation?

– Just drops in the ocean

No one even cares to mention.


Once a snake

Once a man

Desirable but scary.

You want to kiss me?

I’m craving your kiss

But I’m scared,

So frightened of the poison it may bring.

You want to touch me?

I lust for your touch

But it will burn me,

Burn me from the inside.


Like a bird I’m spreading my wings to fly,

Looking down at the world, trying to figure out why

The world is as it is and some people do want to die,

Even in my dreams the truth becomes a lie

And there’s nothing I can do, so I just sit and cry.





The Dead

And the Death,

Floating around and around

On the merry-go-round.

Werewolves dancing in circles

With mummies, witches and clowns,

The clock ticking and screams

Somewhere in the forest nearby.

Look at the ferris wheel!

Who is there? –¬†you cry.

The most solitary creature

Covered by black, starry sky.

Silent, still and gloomy,

No hope,

No joy,

No life.


The sun is shining

But it’s so cold.

The hour is early

But the darkness falls.

The time is passing

But it’s never to catch.

I’m dying of pain

But the smile still lasts.

Our tears are falling

But the world is not ending.

We’re looking for justice

When we’re gone – there’s no returning.

‘The unconcious mind’ – Part 4

‘It was just a dream. It was just a dream….’, he repeated several times before returning to a sitting position. What shocked him were two things lying next to each other in front of him. The first one was an enormous pile of gold and the other – thousands of parts of human bodies. They looked as if somebody had jerked them. In some places he could recognize small fabric scraps which resembled the gowns of the men who were following him. A sudden panic hit him. ‘What if they’ve already managed to open the door? What if they’ve found the secret hole under the bed?’ The stuffy smell in the place was the factor that made him want to leave the place as fast as possible even more.

‘A Great Journey’

Sitting in a dirty corridor

Where the death meets the life,

Floating on the waves

Of the sea of stardust,

Walking through the desert

Lies the sand – the hot blanket,

Drifting like a dolphin,

Following the wonders of the Earth.

But there nowhere is to find

The only wanted, the only needed thing,

The deep feeling of love

Once lost in the universe.


‘Would You?’

Would You shed a tear

If I said goodbye?

Would You say you’ll miss me

And leave me wondering why?

Would You come and kiss me

Despite the people passing by?

Woul You say you’re sorry

And that You’ve always been mine?

Would You ask me to stay

And beg to leave it all behind?

– You wouldn’t.

Sad my soul – we live in a lie.