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‘Free spirit’

Paloma runs down Quail run, Desert Botanical G...


It’s all I need

Delicate breeze in my hair

Sunbeams on my cheeks

Light-hearted and far away

I’m so delirious today!

I’m going ahead

Where my legs take me

I don’t belong here

I don’t belong anywhere

I’m running

Shaking off the pain

No bag in hand

No money

Nothing on my mind

I break free

I don’t need you

Music is enough

To move my legs

And let my heart grow

With great passion

I want to dance

And simply forget



I’m sitting in the empty room


I am in a class at school


Silence too in a forest

Silence in the night

It means fear

It means stress

Silence means rest

Silence means dreams

And calmly lifting chest

It’s always so different

Always brings another sound

A bittersweet song of silence

It’s honey for our hearts!

‘The unconscious mind’ – Part 6

‘What the hell…?!’, cried one of the warders. ‘Look at this!’, he uttered pointing at the piles. ‘ It seems we’ve finally found our missing friends…’, muttered the other. They were standing several minutes too stunned to make a move. Gold was shining in there eyes. ‘Where did he get all of this from?’, they wondered. ‘I’ve told you he was smart. But no matter about this now. We’ve got to find him before he does any more harm.’

‘You’re not yours’

Couch is your throne

Living room – the temple

You stare at the TV

Like into a mirror

You listen

Because they will tell you

How to live


You’re bored

You turn on the computer

What has Angelina done?

What’s up with the Jersey Shore cast?

You live their life

You judge them

They’re your friends


You open a school book

Learn by heart

Learn somebody’s opinion

Why think?

If you do, you’ll be punished,

You’ll get an F


Years pass

You don’t know who you are

Unless they tell you

You belong to a class

You work for the society

You belong to the country

You’re not yours any more


Poetry Potluck

‘My language vs. Your language’


Saying ‘yes’

Thinking ‘no’

Saying you confess

But you lie even more

Ensuring you’re gonna miss

But then you just go

Telling me that you love

But you do all the above


… Do we speak the same language?


Poetry Potluck


Do You Still Dream?

When the morphine of your love fills my veins

And sweet scent of myrrh caresses my nostrils

My eyes close in the myriad of dying sunbeams

And my mind knows it is the time for it to be a guide

Helplessly drifting through lonely streets

Hanging on every pleasant thought

With a thousand colors and dreams around me

I’d do anything to be permitted to stay

But reality wakes me all over again

And reality shows me it’s always the same

The reality scares me in its cold disdain

Still I keep on finding my way back

I sail away and dream of my perfect land

So come and sleep

Come and dream

With me, oh dream

The world can always wait

‘Never-ending corridor’

Empty corridor

I’m walking

Grey carpet under my feet

Lights darkening

Then I hear a scream

My legs are moving faster

Never ending Corridor onboard Queen Mary 2

Eyes peering through peepholes

I’m starting to run

Passing hundreds of rooms

With thousands more to come

I’m running, I’m running!

The tunnel has no end

I’m panicking, I’m trying

To rise above the space

I’m leaving, I’m leaving

My own body and skin

But I’m somehow still

Stuck in the corridor that’s never-ending


‘Wicked weather for a hurt heart’

Tempting tempests

Stylish storms

With wicked weather

I dance at dawn

At tricky twilights

And twee ones too

I spin and spill

My words onto winding vines

As my mind makes a missile of thoughts

And my hurt heart hurries like a hurricane